Conservative Stimulus Package Forum (Update 1)

The Dems are proposing another stimulus package. This one will include spending for infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, etc.).

However, it is also becoming apparent that it will include aid to keep big State/local governments big, and aid to bailout corporations.

What would conservatives propose? Add your proposals. I will add the good ones to the list. Since I hope this will be a forum, let me get it started with only one idea:

1) To keep people’s retirement and pension funds sound we should:

 a) Oppose any increase in capital gains tax.  b) Cut capital gains tax to zero for 10 years on any stock     purchased between now and January. c) Allow corporations to pay dividends to 401Ks     and pension funds pre-tax.

2) Added from LJ “Beaglescout” Miller: Repeal Sarbanes Oxley (Mark to Market)

3) LJ “Beaglescout” Miller: Reduce negative impact of EPA. (I would add Fast-track environment impact evaluations for new factories/businesses so they can be built sooner (creating jobs) and create factory jobs sooner.)

4) What would you propose?