Obama Got Fewer Votes than Kerry in Ohio

CNN has a report showing only either no or only 1/2% increase. Also:


Ohio’s population has risen and the number of registered voters this year is 211,000 higher than in 2004.

Obama received 2,708,988 votes in Ohio this year. Bush got 2,859,764 votes. Kerry got 2,741,165. Yes, Obama got FEWER votes than Kerry in Ohio!!


Total voter turnout in PA in 2004 was 5,731,942. Voter turnout in 2008? 5,768,926. That is a difference of around 37,000 votes.

In PA, there was an increase in votes for Obama. Obama got 3,192,316 votes. Kerry received 2,938,095 votes. That is an increase of 254,211 votes.

It seems what we had was not a broad based ground-swell of support for Obama, but rather, African-Americans being very (understandably) excited about the prospects for an African-American President.

African-Americans make up 10.7% of the population in PA so about 1,038,294 of the state’s voting age population. An increase in this group’s voter participation from 50% to 75% (assuming 90% for Kerry in 2004, 95% for Obama) generates around 272,000 more votes.

Obama did better percent-wise around the state only because McCain did not bring out the Bush voters. McCain got 209,728 fewer votes than Bush.