Practical Reaction in Action

The Wall Street Journal is asking for the heads of Chris Dodd and Barney Frank. I think we the people ought to start clamoring for it, too. I see the market tanking and am watching like everyone else. My opinion is that the market is panicked because no one seems to be doing anything about the government corruption that everyone by now knows is the cause of this crisis.

We should bombard Nancy Pelosi’s office demanding that Dodd and Barney resign, be investigated and prosecuted. I think Wall Street would react positively to a grass roots movement not to clean up Wall Street, but to clean up government that puts Wall Street in a bad position. With so many of us owning 401ks, WE are Wall Street. Main Street IS Wall Street.

It is obvious by the impatience of the crowds with McCain’s reticence to attack Obama that they want him TO DO something. Most Americans are sickened at all of this convoluted corruption they cannot understand except that it is going to cost them a boatload of money. Demanding the resignation of Dodd and Frank would go a long way toward reassuring Main Street that people who are responsible are going to be held accountable. People have always held a certain amount of cynicism toward politicians, but this latest scandal and the subsequent sweeping under the rug, and more insultingly, Frank dismissing criticisms as being racist are all especially galling.

You know that when Saturday Night Live gets it so right that they have to edit out the more painful truths to make it “meet NBC standards” the jig is up and the American people have had it.

Call now – call often.