Stop Obama

If you want to wait in line for cough medicine and antibiotics, then vote for Obama. If you think its ok to put a new born babie on a table an let it suffer and die because the partial birth abortion did not work, then vote for Barrak (Stalin) Obama. If you want cameras at every corner taking video of you and mailing you fines for speeding with out the chance to meet your accuser as guaranteed by the bill of rights under Due Process then vote for Obama. If you believe it is ok for the government to say you made too much money and tax you heavier than any other company when your company you built from the ground up suddenly becomes very successfull and makes more profits than ever before. Vote for Obama. Obama wants to take money from successful publically owned companies and give the money to the poor just because. That is called Communism. Obama will socialize health care which means no more private hospitals. no more VA hospitals. That means for the first time in this country’s history will we layoff nurses and doctors. You will have less police and firefighters because federal grants will be eliminated. Obama will open our borders and allow even more illegal immigrant criminals into this country. Deportation of Illegal Immigrants will cut violent crimes drastically. Obama would rather the tax payer take the hit on the hospitalization of these illegal immigrants instead of taking care of our own poor, weak, sick,and hungry. Stop Obama from ruining this great country. Obama has said himself that he has never before been proud of this country. I on the other hand, have been proud of this country through thick and thin. I believe our survival through our mistakes while maintaining freedom is our greatest accomplishment. Vote for McCain. Give the country back to the people!!!God Bless America!!!