Not So Fast...Don't Celebrate Yet What Donna Brazile Is Doing

Who wants Michelle Obama as president?

Many are applauding what Donna Brazile is saying because it exposes the fact that Hillary and her minions did rig and fix the Democrat presidential selection process that allowed Hillary to defeat Bernie Sanders. This exposes how fraudulent and dishonest the Democrat Party nationally truly is. Perhaps it tarnishes the Democrat Party brand and damages the party for the future. Maybe it finally discredits the Clintons for the corrupt swine they are, not to impugn the integrity of pigs. But let’s not celebrate this yet. No so fast.

Who would want the Clintons discredited and swept out of having any significant influence in the future of the Democrat Party? Who want to be in charge of the party and even have a shot at running the country again? Who has recent to resent the Clinton and see them as rivals for political influence? The answer is easy, of course, the Obamas.

They are going to run Michelle Obama for president in 2020. Some think they have other candidates, including Cory Booker or Kamala Harris or even Elizabeth Warren, but none of them are going even win the nomination nor would any of them defeat President Trump in 2020. They are going to run, with the intent of winning, Michelle Obama for president so the Obamas will get back into the White House again. Let’s imagine how this might take place.

The first necessity of this happening is the discrediting of the Clintons. Donna Brazile is making sure that happens, and notice how much the mainstream media is participating in this too. Next they will go after Booker, Harris, and Warren. I am not sure who will do that part of the dirty work, but someone will.

As we get closer to the end of 2019 and the first votes cast in Iowa in early 2020, they will be bring Oprah Winfrey back to endorse and mobilize voters for Michelle Obama, like she did for Barack in 2008. Barack himself as former president, who still enjoys great influence among Democrat primary voters, will campaign for his wife to win the nomination. There will be no doubt, from the day she announces, that Michelle Obama will be the 2020 Democrat nominee for president?

Will Michelle Obama defeat Donald Trump in the general election? I certainly hope not. But who can say she will not, after all, her husband went from long-shot candidate who had absolutely no qualification for the office to the 43rd president and then a two term president as well. So can’t assume that Michelle Obama will lose to Trump in 2020.

Who would want Michelle Obama as president, outside of rabid Obama fans or those on the far left? How many millennials who suffered through the swill served in school for lunch under the Michelle Obama lunch plan want to see this woman running the country? How many veterans, who remember how she said the day after Iowa in 2008 that it was the first time she could be proud of our country (for voting for Barack) would want Michelle Obama to be commander-in-chief? How many self-employed and business owners, knowing she stood by Barack’s side in Danville, VA that day and told you all, you didn’t build that, want this anti-business former first lady who has never run a business or held a private sector job, as the next president? How could anyone in their right mind want Michelle Obama to be president?

At least now, can you see what Donna Brazile is doing?

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