Daria Novak Could Pull Off Upset In CT Second District

Daria Novak could be an upset winner in Congressional election in CT
Daria Novak could be an upset winner in Congressional election in CT

Every political season there are the upset wins by candidates that no one expected to get elected among the races the pundits say incumbents are safe bets for reelection. Almost no one expected Dave Brat to unseat Eric Cantor in the primary in 2014. Six years ago, Russ Feingold was a safe incumbent, who by election day was defeated by nearly five percent on Election Day by Ron Johnson. In the second congressional district of Connecticut, incumbent Democrat Cong. Joe Courtney could likewise be upset in a few weeks by Republican Daria Novak.

Novak is running a strong pro-prosperity campaign with the endorsements of key conservative leaders such as George Gilder, Larry Kudlow, former New Jersey Senate candidate Jeff Bell, Steve Forbes, and James Kemp, the son of the former NFL QB, Congressman and HUD Secretary Jack Kemp. Additionally, Novak has been endorsed by the New York Sun and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Running on a message of economic prosperity and a strong national security, Novak endorses the Gold Standard Act of 1984, sponsored by Jack Kemp and Newt Gingrich in Congress, as a primary means to establish sound money to build a prosperous economy. Novak also strongly supports the Reagan approach to cutting taxes and reducing the size of the federal government as key principles for bring back economic growth that will once again build a strong and growing American middle class.

Novak writes on her campaign web site, “I”m as stubborn and cranky as only a Connecticut Yankee can be when it comes to spending money…Other politicians won’t be able to shut me up.”

Unlike some politicians who are making a poor calculation that distancing themselves from GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is the path their own political viability, Novak is standing for principle and has reaffirmed her support for Trump. Novak stated, “It’s time to move past the distractions to real solutions and real leadership…not more of the same broken, corrupt insider system. Yes, I stand behind Donald Trump. And I will help him fix Washington and Connecticut.”

As Election Day nears, and Novak receives more endorsements, more support from voters, the odds grow that Connecticut’s Second Congressional District might just retire Joe Courtney and send to Washington D.C. a member of Congress who will represent citizens over the special interests and help Donald Trump make America Great Again.

Like many of you, I was thrilled when I heard the news that Dave Brat had upset Eric Cantor in Virginia in 2014. Daria Novak, likewise, could well be the next Congressional candidate to make national news, in this instance upsetting an entrenched incumbent in the unlikeliest place, the Northeastern and strongly Democratic state of Connecticut. Contrary to conventional wisdom, it doesn’t take a liberal Republican to win a congressional seat in the Northeast. A good mainstream conservative Republican running on prosperity, a strong national defense and a sound energy policy can win votes anywhere in the country and get elected. All across the country, voters are ready for real change and want to make America great again. Do not be surprised if Daria Novak is head to Washington D.C. as the newly elected member of Congress from the Second District of Connecticut. It might just happen.