Rep. John Culberson – A Hero for Conservative Principles

John Culberson can remove internet gambling ban from Appropriations Bill
John Culberson can remove internet gambling ban from Appropriations Bill

Our Republican majority in Congress, that we the people elected in 2010 and 2014, has too many of those that Sen. Ted Cruz called “campaign conservatives.” They talk a good limited government and pro-freedom line while campaigning in their districts and they vote like inside-the-beltway establishment politicians in Washington D.C. Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) is different, he campaigns as a conservative and also goes to Congress and votes accordingly as well.

Rep. Culberson has sponsored the Restoring the 10th Amendment Act in Congress, that will once again restore the Tenth Amendment’s limits on the federal government as the framers of our Constitution intended. The federal government has become all too dominant and powerful over the last several decades, and Culberson knows as we do that balance is necessary to recognize once against that those powers not explicitly enumerated and delegated to the federal government shall be enjoyed by the states and people respectively.

Many of the grass-roots conservatives organizations that rate members of Congress on how they actually vote in Washington D.C. have rated Rep. Culberson quite highly. Perhaps the gold standard for rating the voting records of members is the American Conservative Union, that has rated Culberson at a 93 percent life time voting record during his time in Congress. For voting consistently to protect our Second Amendment rights, the National Rifle Association has recognized Culberson for voting 100 percent on Second Amendment issues. The Family Research Council gives him a 100 percent ranking for his votes on pro-family and religious freedom issues. Citizens Against Government Waste gave Culberson a “Hero Award” while he gets strong ratings from both Freedom Works and the Club for Growth for voting strongly in favor of economic prosperity issues.

Having been elected five times to represent the 7th district of Texas, Culberson was active in the Don’t Go movement in 2008 that eventually lead to the creation of the Tea Party movement two years later. He is also a member of the conservative Republican Study Committee, that is instrumental in moving Republicans in Congress in the direction of mainstream conservative ideas, and also the Tea Party Caucus in Congress. Culberson is a solid fiscal and social conservative who strongly supports government run by Jeffersonian values.

Culberson also serves on the Committee on Appropriations, where he is also chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies. The Appropriations Bill, where Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slipped the language of the federal internet gambling ban into the legislation, will soon be heard before Culberson’s committee. At that step in the legislative process, Culberson can remove the internet-gambling ban from the Appropriations Bill, ensuring it doesn’t pass in the final version of the legislation.

The language is from the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), that would federally ban internet-based gambling in all states, that was introduced on behalf of Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, by Sen. Graham and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). The federal ban on internet gambling would violate the Tenth Amendment rights of all states to determine their own laws on internet-based gambling, as well as endanger Second Amendment rights because the same authority used to ban gambling online would be used to ban the sales of firearms and ammunition online.

RAWA has attracted strong opposition from many grass-roots pro-freedom organizations, who have signed a letter urging Rep. Culberson to remove the internet gambling ban language from the bill. The groups signing the letter include the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Center for Freedom & Prosperity, the Taxpayer Protection Alliance, the Institute for Liberty, the Campaign for Liberty, and the Mental Recession.

As a strong supporter of federalism, the Tenth Amendment, and the Second Amendment, Culberson can be expected, and many are expecting him, to remove the RAWA language from the Appropriations Bill. Even many social conservatives that personally oppose gambling on moral reasons recognize that laws and regulations regarding internet-based gambling should be decided at the state level in accordance with the Tenth Amendment. Rep. Culberson is a hero for standing up for conservative principles, and he can continue to prove that by removing RAWA and standing up for federalism and the Tenth Amendment once again.