Thomas Sowell Raises Two Extremely Important Questions

Thomas Sowell raises two great questions about racial issues
Thomas Sowell raises two great questions about racial issues

Many of us have known for years now that perhaps the most brilliant intellectual on the conservative side of things is the great author and syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell. If there really was an Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, then no doubt Dr. Sowell would be among the professors at such a place. I have no doubt that Rush Limbaugh would agree as well.

Star Parker of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) sent out an email newsletter mentioning the latest pabulum being puked on the campaign trail by Hillary Clinton and comparing this to the brilliance of Dr. Sowell. Hillary, pandering blatantly for African-American votes in South Carolina for tomorrow’s Democrat primary vs. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, said, “we have to be honest about systemic racism which is still a problem in America.”

That’s the typical pabulum we’ve come to expect from Hillary on racial issues, that no one is responsible for their own conditions, and especially African-Americans, they only need to blame all of their problems on the white man. Never should they ever hold accountable the Democrat establishment that profits politically from keeping them disadvantaged, and that is the reason why Democrats will never liberate African-Americans from the ghettos and the failed government-run schools.

But Star Parker compared that to two brilliant, and quite relevant, questions that Dr. Thomas Sowell asked. Dr. Sowell asked the following questions:

If poverty among blacks is because of whites, why has the poverty rate among black married couples been in single digits every year since 1994, despite far higher poverty rates among other blacks?

When the imprisonment rate of blacks with a college education is a fraction of the imprisonment rate of other blacks, does that mean that white cops check out the education of blacks before they decide to arrest them?

So let’s take a look at those brilliant questions asked by Dr. Sowell. Poverty among blacks that are married is far lower, then again poverty among members of any race, that are married, is far lower. Common sense tells us that a married couple is far likely to be stronger economically than a single person, on average. There are always exceptions of course, but marriage is one factor that improves ones financial situation. Simply put, two individuals in a marriage can make ends meet more effectively than an individual living alone. Why should race have any effect on this either way?

Looking at the second question, there is no doubt that the more educated African-Americans are, the less likely they are to be arrested or spend time in prison or jail. And it really isn’t because cops ask blacks if they have a college degree before they take out the cuffs and read them their rights. It’s clearly because the more educated blacks, or whites or members of any other race are, the more likely they are to make better decisions, and avoid the decisions and behaviors that lead to getting arrested and possibly going to jail. Isn’t that common sense as well?

So the advice, as Dr. Sowell illustrates, for those wanting to avoid poverty and stay out of jail? Strong families and getting a good education. It really is common sense, but in today’s society where good judgment is so clouded by political correctness, which as Dr. Ben Carson has pointed out really does dumb us down, it takes someone as brilliant as Dr. Sowell to point this out.