Muslim Brotherhood militants in Egypt appear to have obtained American weapons

Muslim Brotherhood militants are today stepping up their attacks on Egyptian citizens in several cities in Egypt. Mohamed Y. Saad Zaghloul has informed this reporter tonight of further attacks by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) militants and that he believes they are using M-16 rifles and 223 ammunition that appear to have come from the United States. Zaghloul is is the President of the DFP Youth Organization for the Democratic Front Party, a party that is part of a coalition of 22 secular parties involved in the political process in Egypt.

It is believed that the MB militants see the possibility of Morsi being restored to power, as a result of the attacks being staged. “MBs defectors have confessed to me that their plan is to stage a conflict then drop casualties among the MBs as a false flag move to embarrass the army and give grounds for the US admin to restore Morsi by force, Zaghloul said, “The US ambassador told them to form a cabinet in their sit in to be a parallel government.”

Zaghloul reported many casualties from the fighting, and said citizens and Egyptian army personnel are “falling like flies.” He also said, “in my city 43 people (have) fallen to MB gun fire and 16 hostages were taken to show their resolve executed one of the hostages in a mosque and threw his body out of the mosque. The army is being halted by the Obama administration. The residents around their sit in in Cairo are terrified as more than 200 of them have fallen during clashes there.”

Additionally, a news site called cia-news.com reported the heavy gun fire against the Egyptian army by what it called the “Islamic Brotherhood.” That same story also reports that “Hamas (is) involve(d) more and more in the fighting.”

“The official US story puts the MB are victims of a military coup and are being attacked by a vicious military machine,” Zaghloul said, “even though they have received reports of heavy machine gun (fire), missiles, and heavy weaponry use, and reports confirming the presence of these anti-armor and anti personnel weapons” being used by MB forces.

Some of the weapons used by the MB forces appear to have come from the United States, including M-16 rifles and 223 ammunition. Zaghloul said, “what is shocking to me is finding some of MB operatives using US made M16 rifles firing 223 a caliber not native to the entire region. It seems some of the weapons given to the MB in Syria have found their way to the MB in Egypt. I have seen 223 casings in Alexandria and here it is always 7.62 for Egyptian AKs and I have seen them using AR 15 type weapons in their hands. They are being transported by the US to MBs in Syria with the 223 or 556 ammo (which is not) produced or sold in Syria nor Egypt.”

Zaghloul pointed out that Libya had a large deposit of weapons from the U.S. and the European Union, of which some of those may have found their way to the MB forces in Egypt, he said, “I know for sure (weapons supply) moved from Libya to Syria but did not think it would get to Egypt.”

It was reported here in this article that the Obama administration has been shipping arms to the revels in Syria. Also reported last week, was the attacks in Egypt by Muslim Brotherhood militants that continues to this moment.

“The MB is armed to the teeth and it seems to be with US blessings and this position should be exposed,” Zaghloul said, “a friend of mine who served in the army have identified anti armor missile launchers deployed in Cairo among a crowd of supporters they have gathered there.”

“All terrorists and all those who are armed in the streets of our cities should be arrested and brought to justice. This is an act of war against the people of Egypt. If they are given the chance, the US administration seem to be determined to prolong the situation by giving the MB hope that they will restore them to power or their Salafi allies,” said Zaghloul.

Note: This story is mostly based on exclusive reporting to this reporter, from Mohamed Y. Saad Zaghloul, from the area of Alexandria, Egypt. Zaghloul is a political activist and consultant who represents the Democratic Front Party, one of a coalition of 22 secular parties active in Egyptian politics. His Facebook page states he holds a Master’s Degree from American University in Cairo, and from reading his page one can see he stands clearly for political principles and strongly supports a democratic direction for the future of his country.

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