Mitt Romney still doesn't understand why he lost the election

Mitt Romeny is still totally clueless when it comes to the issue of understanding just exactly how and why he lost the election. The Romney campaign was a combination of the same old RINO loser campaign consultants that managed all the other losing GOP campaigns as well as some other amateurs he brought in that understood little more than his inside-the-beltway RINO consultants. The result was a campaign that was not much more effective than the disastrous Republican campaigns of 1992 and 1996.

According to this article in the New Jersey newspaper, Mitt Romney appears to think he lost because of Hurricane Sandy. Imagine that, Mitt Romney lost because of Hurricane Sandy? That’s the most ridiculous item of the day, as Bill O’Reilly would say.

Romney lost the election because he did a lot of things very poorly, failed to do a lot of what he and his campaign needed to do, and allowed the other side to do a lot more. In addition, the Obama campaign executed a brilliant plan to maximize their own vote totals through high turnout and voter fraud while they massively suppressed, by several methods, the vote on the Republican side. It worked, and reelected a president who by historical standards, would never have been reelected in the midst of a depressed economy and extremely high unemployment.

We know the far left loathes our military, as a young Bill Clinton said just that in his letter to his draft board while he was trying to dodge the draft. The left is great at suppressing the military vote because they know that, typically, our men and women in uniformed military services vote 90 to 95 percent Republican. Our hundreds of thousands of military personnel actively serving overseas as well as here in the country had their vote suppressed big time. A huge percentage of them never received their absentee ballots in time to vote. Remember, hundreds of thousands of them while in the United States, are stationed at bases outside their home states and must vote by absentee ballot. In Ohio, the regime sued in court to limit the number of days in which military personnel could file their absentee ballot, while they sued in Florida to give non-military voters more time to cast absentee ballots. They weren’t for uniform standards for voting across the country, they only supported what helped them politically. Both of these rulings, that went in their favor, helped them win very close popular votes of Ohio and Florida.

Following the huge successes of 2010 of the Tea Party movement to help turn out tens of millions of conservative votes for Republican candidates, the Tea Party movement had huge plans for 2012. Several new groups were organized to educate citizens on how to get involved in the political process to make a difference, and help make Obama a one term president. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign had an equally ambitious goal of using the authority of the government, via the IRS principally, to suppress the organizing of the Tea Party movement by denying them their tax-exempt status that would allow fund-raising by the various groups to raise money to fund the organizing and educating of citizen and voters. The Obama effort was far more successful, as we’ve learned now via the IRS scandal, and the likely result of suppressing all those Tea Party groups is the suppression of millions of votes that would have been cast for Mitt Romney.

At the same time, they sought to suppress the GOP vote by convincing the base that Mitt Romney could not win the election, and Barack Obama’s reelection was inevitable. The mainstream media willingly participated in this phase of the Obama election strategy. This is where the Skewed Polls come in. The administration set the tone early that polls showing Obama trailing would not be tolerated. In April, David Axelrod pressured Gallup to change their methodology used in polling the presidential race while the administration threatened to sue Gallup in court, after they released a series of tracking polls showing Romney leading. Gallup bowed to the pressure, and soon after, by no coincidence, Obama was leading in the Gallup poll. Soon most of the major pollsters followed suit, and over-sampled Democrats to skew the polls in favor of Obama. This was done in national and state polls.

Soon the polls all showed Obama with a substantial lead, and the media ran report after report after report about how amazing it was that Obama was leading despite the bad economy. It didn’t have the ring of truth, and it wasn’t true. The polls were manufactured and manipulated, which is why there was such enormous interest in my UnSkewedPolls.com site, because I un-skewed the skewing to show where the numbers actually stood.

The goal of skewing the polls was simple, they know the race would be close, and having polls showing them winning would give them margin to steal votes to win if needed, and where needed in key swing states, that the polling numbers would make it appear quite legitimate. Who would believe they engaged in millions of votes in voter fraud in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Virginia if the polls showed they were winning or close to winning in all those states. In Virginia alone, Romney led late into election night, still holding a lead when 97 percent of all precincts had reported their votes, and then among the last three percent, a mysterious and bizarre 200,000 Obama votes were “found” and counted to put Obama 140,000 voters ahead in Virginia. It’s quite simple, the polls were skewed to give them a very wide margin for voter fraud.

While that was going on, they also ran a media campaign that was designed to destroy Romney among swing voters and further suppress the vote on the right by convincing them that Romney was just a rotten and terrible guy who had no business running for president. The Obama opposition team dug up any dirt they could from Romney’s days at Bain Capital, and what they couldn’t find they just outright made up or distorted. They ran hundreds of millions of dollars in advertisements to convince us that Mitt Romney was the most evil and rotten man ever nominated for president. The ironic truth about this is that is it quite likely, for all that might be said of Romney’s political weaknesses as a candidate, that he was the most honest and ethical and straight man of character nominated for president in decades.

They accused Romney of buying companies to make billions in profits by destroying them. Anyone with common sense knows you can’t make money by buying something and then destroying it, but that’s the claim they made. One of the most despicable campaign spots blamed Romney for a laid off steelworker’s wife getting cancer. Numerous campaign spots smearing Romney went unanswered for months. Numerous allegations and lies about Romney for months repeated by the Obama campaign lie machine went unanswered for months by Romney. In this way, as much as the Obama campaign was responsible for smearing Romney in the most negative campaign in history, the Romney campaign was equally guilty in not refuting it all.

Then there is the advantage of database building and get out of the vote infrastructure that the Obama campaign created. While we know they had a great database to target and identify voters, it now comes under question with the revelation of the NSA spying scandal, how much of that data was obtained from the government rather than the private and separate efforts of the campaign organization. It would be highly unethical if government resources were used to develop voters databases used by the campaign. We do not know yet if this was in fact done or not.

But the Obama campaign clearly did a better job of identifying and targeting it’s potential voters and supporters than did the Romney campaign.

But at the level of fund-raisers and major donors, the Obama Regime did all it could, along with it’s campaign organization, to suppress donors to the Romney campaign and other Republican campaigns. The largest financial backers of Romney were listed on the Obama campaign web site so their supporters could harass and intimidate them out of making further donations to the Romney campaign. On top of that, many of them were also targeted for IRS audits, especially many of them that owned businesses. This also massively suppressed Romney campaigning; it had a chilling effect as word got out, business owners didn’t want to donate to the Romney campaign if they were going to get audited by the Obama IRS.

For his sake, Romney did NOTHING to stop all these efforts, or to counter them. He did nothing until that first debate to defend his good name and reputation against the assaults on both by the Obama campaign and their supporting super-PAC groups that raised and spent hundreds of millions, in addition to the half trillion that the official Obama campaign raised and spent, to define Romney as the most evil, rotten, and amoral candidate ever nominated. Remember, they went so far to blame Romney for that steelworker’s wife getting cancer, by falsely blaming him for closing that company which he did not, it was closed after he left Bain by a liberal Democrat bundler who supported Obama!

Romney’s son said his dad didn’t really want to be elected president in 2012. It seemed quite believable given the poor effort Mitt Romney made in 2012. And now he says Hurricane Sandy cost him the election? What a pathetic excuse for not admitting he ran a poor campaign and allowed himself to get destroyed by the liberal Alinskyite Democrats who ran the president’s campaign.

Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it. I doubt he ever will.

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