Five Quick-Hit Thoughts On Obama's Marriage Flip-Flop

Today, President Obama announced that his position has “evolved” (if it was Romney, it would have been called a “flip-flop”, but I digress) on same-sex marriage.  Let me put my amateur political analyst hat on and make five quick observations:

1)  I am *very* skeptical that Obama has actually changed his mind on this in any way, shape or form.  Either this is what he felt all along, but didn’t think it would help him to say it, or he is still against it but felt this change would help him politically.

2)  I highly doubt that this is going to have any real impact on the electorate one way or another.  If you are someone who views Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage as being more relevant to your life than, say, anything else Obama has done in the last 3.5 years, then let’s just say that you are in a very small demographic.

3)  This is the key one:  Obama just moved to the left on an issue six months before the election.  Why would he feel the need to do this?  Perhaps he felt the need to “shore up his base”?  If he actually feels that he has to do that at this point, he’s in heap-big doo-doo.

4)  If he was going to choose an issue to move to the left on, this wouldn’t seem to be the most sensible choice, given the way North Carolina voted last night, and the way that almost every state has voted for the last several years.  It’s certainly not going to help with independents, which only reinforces thought #3.  But then again…

5)  …what other issue can he move more to the left on?  If he thinks that this will satisfy his base when everything else he’s done hasn’t worked, well, then see the end of point #3.