Perspective: Iran vs. Arizona

With all of the talk going on about Arizona’s new immigration law, it seems that we have developed a severe lack of perspective. Arizona has become the most evil place in the world if you believe anything you hear on MSNBC. Given this and the latest from our old friend Mahmoud Ahmabignutjob (or Ahmedinejad, if you prefer) about how we should dismantle our nuclear weapons, I thought it might serve us well to provide a brief compare-and-contrast between Iran and Arizona and see which one really presents the bigger danger. Feel free to add to the list in the comments if you like.

Arizona: Called Nazis and fascists by the media and liberals.
Iran: Has a leader who speaks highly of Hitler and claims the Holocaust never happened.

Arizona: Considers hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants a major problem that needs to be dealt with.
Iran: Considers four illegal immigrants a major problem that needs to be dealt with.

Iran: Ignored by the “mainstream” media despite ignoring every treaty and U.N. resolution.
Arizona: Condemned by that same media for attempting to enforce existing laws.

Iran: Wants nuclear plants for weapons, despite claims of wanting them for power.
Arizona: Has nuclear weapons, but are obstructed from building nuclear plants for power.

Iran: Treats women as third-class citizens, after men and goats.
Arizona: Has a female Governor.

Iran: Obama and liberals seek fewer sanctions.
Arizona: Obama and liberals seek more sanctions.

Looking at this list, I’m rather inclined to consider Iran to be a slightly bigger threat than Arizona. It would be nice if the people in power would take that same view.