Dear President Elect

I hear you want to appoint some Republicans to your cabinet. I hear you want to achieve real change. Good. I confess, I have seen no evidence of any political courage on your part. I don’t know that you have ever confronted your party’s special interests on policy, but then, you didn’t have to. Now that you have won the election, perhaps that is what you are planning to do.You will need to appoint a HUD Secretary. No doubt the unions have their own ideas on this point, but you should ignore them. One person who was warning about the housing crisis and the out of control growth of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has just become available for a new job. You could do a lot worse than appointing John Sununu to this role. You were, after all, President of the Harvard Law Review. You respect intellect, and Sununu has bundles of it.

You will need an Education Secretary too. Colin Powell would be an excellent choice. (I suggested him for this role in 2000). What is required in this job is a charismatic leader, a good organiser, and someone committed to school choice. Powell hits all three of these. As far as I know, you only meet two of those requirements yourself, but you have the rhetorical skills to sell school choice in a way that no-one else could. This really would be a way of bringing change to Washington.