The Real Reason for Hillary's Forbidden Words

As Cute As Always
As Cute As Always

Hillary Clinton has decreed that certain words must not be applied to her. The ostensible reason is that these words express sexism, and let me remind you that sexism means “having the wrong attitude about women.” I have never heard the word sexism used to disparage a woman’s lustful or scornful description of a man.

Hillary did not personally author the decree, of course, but the fact remains that when Hillary embarks on her campaign to become president, she does not want her image sullied by any words that describe her in an unflattering way. She recognizes that if she issued a media guide that said, “don’t use these words when describing Hillary,” she would be laughed off the stage. However, by disguising her directive as social activism through an organization named HRC Super Volunteers, Hillary comes off looking like a knight in pink satin. Hillary fights the good war on behalf of all women.

I am very tired of the war on the dictionary.

Hillary’s semantic style guide is only the latest entry in a national campaign to prevent anyone from saying anything that actually means something. Language in US culture suffers intensely from efforts to control citizens by controlling their speech. We do not have an officially designated Department of Propaganda. We have de facto self-appointed propaganda police who cover up truth wherever they find it and pretend that it does not exist.

In the beginning, the speech war was about problems that actually existed, such as use of the word nigger by people whose skin has an indeterminate color to demean the free people who are descendants of slaves. Notice that I did not say “the N-word.” I am discussing the word, not using it to disparage anyone. Some may complain about my definition of the word, and they are welcome to do so. In fact, if we can argue endlessly about the correct definition of the word and the correct description of the users of the word, we can completely and utterly avoid discussing the idea of character and the need for the culture to promote respect for all people.

Because policing speech is easier than facing truth, the culture presses people into speech patterns that do not transform their hearts. Their attitudes are unchanged, no matter what words they use. The propaganda police demand that people use designated words to talk as if they respect everyone, but no amount of speech training will ever transform the human heart. The only force that transforms the human heart is the Holy Spirit.

Of course, the propaganda police remind us that some may take offense at the mention of God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit, and we are to take that information as advice to avoid that subject. As long as the culture rejects God, the culture will suffer the problem of seeking utopia without any power to bring it to pass. As long as the culture mandates the use or avoidance of words instead of promoting the transformation of the human heart, the problems of loveless, even violent, conflict over normal or abnormal human differences will persist. As long as the culture rejects God’s existence and tries to use government to do what only God can do, society with suffer the diseases and injuries associated with failure to love. But then, politicians do not want problems solved. Politicians need conflict and anger in the culture. Nothing energizes a political campaign like a fake battle orchestrated by the candidate. That is what Hillary’s directive is really about.