Why Conservatives are Better than Liberals

In places like New York City and San Francisco, the liberal elite enjoy sitting around their boutique coffee shops, discussing just how dumb those redneck conservatives are, and how liberals are so much MORE sophisticated and intelligent. Seemingly, liberals “get it”! They ponder the world’s plight, and discuss solutions to such problems as poverty, joblessness, and global-warming; solutions that are far too advanced for ANY conservative to understand! Those rednecks in places like Texas, Arizona, and Louisiana are too busy promoting hate against women, illegal aliens, and homosexuals, to understand even a fraction of what the typical liberal THINKS he or she knows!


One such courageous (please read into my sarcasm) liberal-warrior is Sam Bacile, who decided to show the world just how smart he truly is by making a film that he no doubt thought was “brilliant”! “Innocence of Muslims” was intended to be “…a political movie”, he was quoted as saying in a recent interview. He states in his interview that he knew that such a movie would create a stir in the Middle East and possibly provoke violence, as the movie depicts the Prophet Mohammed as a womanizing pedophile. According to Muslims, depicting Mohammed in any light and, most especially in the light shed by Bacile, is extremely offensive.  But apparently, Bacile’s brilliance trumped safety and so, last year, it was premiered to an empty Hollywood theater. Now, I’m not arguing that such a movie should NOT be made and shown to the public. As a true advocate of the First Amendment, Bacile is more than welcome to make whatever movie he wishes! However, it was this next move that proved the REAL difference between those rednecks in the south and southwest, and those coffee-sipping liberals in New York and San Francisco. This next move is, in my opinion, absolutely evident of WHY conservatives are so much better than liberals!


In his next move, as Libyans were attacking the American embassy and killing our Ambassador, Chris Stevens, Bacile went into hiding, apparently too afraid to face the music created by his movie! And while this spineless twerp is in hiding, 50 United States Marines, almost all of whom are no doubt proud to call themselves rednecks from the south, are fast-roping into the Embassy to seize back control from the murdering militants.


The next time some idiot like Bacile has an idea for a brilliant political movie, perhaps he should first ask those rednecks in the south if they don’t mind risking their life to defend his freedom of speech!