This morning, a very tragic incident occurred in Aurora, CO during a late night preview of the new Batman movie. And while the left will be screaming that nobody should be jumping to any conclusions, or politicizing the mass killing of Americans, they are already attempting to leverage this incident to the fullest extent possible. ABC is already drawing lines between the suspect and the Tea Party, and Mayor Bloomberg has taken to the airwaves demanding stricter gun control laws and has asked both President Obama and candidate Mitt Romney to begin their discussions of what they are going to do about guns and the violence they create (never mind that the gun isn’t the culprit!).


What happened this morning is not the fault of the Tea Party, nor is it the fault of the weapons used in the incident, nor is it the fault of the NRA (thank you Michael Moore for your tweet this morning). To my knowledge, neither the Republican Party nor the Tea Party was consulted by the suspect prior to his engagement of innocent people! It is the fault of a single, lone killer hell bent on killing as many people as possible.


Perhaps the left will someday realize that people are responsible for their own actions. Videos games are not to blame; weapons are not to blame; political parties and peaceful, pro-gun organizations are not to blame. The only blame there is lays on the person responsible for coordinating such an attack.