Gay Marriage: Left vs. Right

The issue of gay marriage is once again in the spotlight today, as North Carolinians go to the polls to vote for a measure that would put in place a constitutional amendment effectively stating that the only valid marriage is that between a man and a woman. And without surprise, liberals have once again tried to make this a “left-right” political issue by pulling the wool over the public’s eyes by claiming that republicans are to blame for the failure of gay marriage to become mainstream. In fact, most liberals go so far as to accuse republicans of being “discriminatory” against same-sex couples, an argument that holds little merit any way given that playing the “race card” or the “discrimination card” is a time-honored battle tactic most liberals use when they cannot formulate a cohesive argument on a particular subject.


My home state of California is the second bluest state in the nation; second only to New York. Liberals hold every position of significance including the Governorship and the majority of the state’s Assembly and Senate. Both of our United States Senators are liberal, as well a majority of our United States Representatives. There is little argument that, by and large, people in this state vote left of center and, in some cases, far left of center (consider San Francisco). So if the issue of gay marriage is a “left-right” political issue; if republicans are truly to blame for obstructing “marriage equality”, then why is it that voters in this state have rejected the idea of allowing same-sex couples to marry not once, but twice? The first defeat came back in 2000 with Proposition 22 which passed with 61% of the votes. The second defeat was more recent (2008), with the passing of the now infamous Proposition 8, which passed with a slightly smaller margin of 52% of the votes. Consider North Carolina, the state in question today. North Carolina is only a slightly lighter shade of blue then California and New York, but you cannot ignore the fact that both the Governor and Lieutenant Governor; that 7 of the 13 United States Representatives; or that the vast amount of their General Assembly, are all liberals. It’s fair to say that most North Carolinians (more than 50%) do, in fact, vote left of center. So, again, if republicans are to blame for railroading “marriage equality”, why is it that early polling shows that a majority of North Carolina’s voters are going to pass the constitutional amendment and put in place a hard restriction on gay marriage?


The truth is, is that “gay marriage” is not a “left-right” political issue at all. For liberals, it’s far scarier and far worse than that. The truth is that most people decide this issue, not on the basis of their politics, but on the basis of their religious beliefs and that proves that, while liberals love bashing the conservative religious-right, plenty of liberal’s quietly side with them on this specific issue. In fact, hypocrisy abounds in this arena as most liberals will publicly support gay marriage to remain popular, mainstream, and non-offensive, while quietly siding with the religious-right on voting day. Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pudding and you need look no further than the fact that gay marriage has never, not even one time, been accepted at the polls.


Perhaps one day, liberals will be honest with themselves and begin getting their house in order. Maybe in my lifetime, liberals will kick their hypocrisy and skewing of non-existent facts to the sidelines and begin to accept that, while there’s plenty to complain about with regards to the Republican Party, at least republicans are honest with themselves. They publicly state where they sit on a particular issue (unlike president Obama who sometimes does, and sometimes doesn’t, support gay marriage) and vote their beliefs. And that, my friends, is noble; not “discriminatory”.