Pasadena Police Chief Fails

On Saturday March 24, 2012 two Police Officers shot and killed Kendrec McDade, a documented gang member, in Pasadena, CA, after pursuing suspect McDade from a location in which he had just robbed Oscar Carillo, a 26 year old male, of his backpack.


Shortly after being robbed by suspect McDade and an accomplice (name withheld due to suspect being a minor), Carillo called 9-1-1 and reported being robbed by two armed men. Two Pasadena Police Officers, Matthew Griffin and Jeffrey Newlen, spotted suspect McDade and made an attempt to apprehend him. Suspect McDade reached for his waistband and, fearing that suspect McDade was attempting to retrieve a handgun, both officers fired a combined 8 bullets at the suspect. Suspect McDade died a short while later at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.


Unfortunately, the story does not stop there and, unfortunately, this shooting is on the heels of a hot button issue: the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Stanford, Fl.


As is usually the case in Pasadena, whenever an African-American suspect is shot by the police, the Pasadena branch of the NAACP holds news conferences and calls for action in what they almost always describe as unlawful homicides at the hands of law enforcement officers. They parade the decease’s family around in front of news cameras, speak highly of the “victim”, and then call on the Police Chief to investigate the actions of the officers involved and, almost always, ask that the officers be relieved of their badge. This shooting is no different and almost immediately after the shooting, Pasadena NAACP President Joe Brown had the family seated around a large conference table, in front of news cameras, where they spoke in high regard of the REAL victim: Kendrec McDade. McDade’s mother, Anya Slaughter, called for “…justice and my (her) son’s name returned to him.” And without hesitation, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez announced the arrest of Oscar Carrillo, the robbery victim.


The arrest of the victim was based on the fact that, when Carrillo called 9-1-1, he lied about the suspects being armed in order to solicit a quicker response by the police department. According to Sanchez, the suspects were in fact, not armed and no gun was recovered from either of the suspects. As a result, Carrillo has been arrested and charged with filing a false police report and involuntary manslaughter.


Bowing to liberal political correctness, Sanchez decided to use Carrillo as a scapegoat, using him to redirect the spotlight away from his department in order to avoid angering the black community at a time when their anger is elevated due to a similar situation. Was Carrillo wrong to lie? Absolutely, and he should be charged with filing a false report. However, his actions don’t change the fact that suspect McDade committed robbery, ran from the police, and then reached for his waistband while attempting to be apprehended. Regardless of whether Carrillo reported the use of a firearm or not, any officer is going to shoot a robbery suspect reaching for his or her waistband and Sanchez should throw the politically correct bull crap out the window! Instead of throwing Carrillo to the wolves, he should stand before those same news cameras at the NAACP office, and say the following:


Your son isn’t a saint! He’s a documented gang member and he robbed somebody. He then reached for his waistband and our officers shot him, fearing that he may be armed. At the end of the day, Ms. Slaughter, this is YOUR fault. As his parent, it was YOUR responsibility to raise him and YOU failed! YOU allowed him to gang bang! YOU allowed him to roam the streets at night with persons who YOU knew were criminals. And it is YOUR fault that he’s now dead.


Unfortunately, this is southern California, and liberal political correctness will ALWAYS trump doing the right thing. Sorry Chief…you failed us once again.