As Goes Texas, So Goes The Nation

It is known across the USA, and even across the globe, that Texans are very proud of their state. As a lifelong Texan, I can comfortably say that the majority of Texans sincerely believe that The Great State Of Texas is the greatest state in the entire USA. Just ask them, they’ll tell you. Texas has a rich & unique history all it’s own, with many details that stand-out and separate Texas from the other 49 states. Here’s just a few Texas facts:

Texas is the only state that was it’s own independent sovereign nation before it joined the Union, and became a state within the USA.

Texas is the only state that joined the Union on the basis of a Treaty that was approved by US Senate and signed off by US President… All other 49 states joined the Union by the process of traditional annexation.

Texas is the only state that has total 100% control of the public lands within it’s borders.  All other 49 states do not control their public lands, but rather they are controlled/managed by the Federal Government via Interior Department/US Bureau Of Land Management. Texas’ public lands are controlled by the Texas General Land Office / Texas Land Commissioner. This is directly a result from Texas being a sovereign nation before a state and the fact that Texas joined the Union by Treaty instead of traditional annexation. (Also evident during the Government Shutdown of 2013.  While Obama closed parks across the nation out of pure spite and partisan politics, almost every park I can think of here in Texas did not shut down that I can remember)

“Houston” was the first word to ever be spoken on the moon, and not only is Houston home to NASA, but it is also home to the Texas Medical Center.  The Texas Medical Center is the biggest concentrated area of research hospitals in the world, including MD Anderson- which is internationally known as the worlds best cancer research center. Not only is Houston home to more hospitals than any other city in the world, but Houston also has more hospitals within it’s city limits than any other STATE in the USA… Yes, there are more hospitals in Houston Texas than in New York State.

There are more airports in Texas than any other state in the USA, as well as any other nation in the world.

Austin Texas, known as the center of “Silicon Hills” , as of 2012 surpassed California’s Silicon Valley in terms of creating/producing more tech “goods”

Texas is the only state that can legally fly the US Flag & the Texas State Flag at the same height on government buildings – this is result of Texas, once again, being a sovereign nation before it was a state…. Also, The Texas State Capitol Building in Austin is wider, longer, and 7 ft higher than the US Capitol Building in DC.

I will go ahead and stop with the Texas Fun Facts right there, but, rest assured I could go on for a very long time…  But, I will go ahead and get to the main topic that I want to address…

Anybody who follows politics and current events are more than likely aware of “swing states” , such as Ohio and Florida just to name a few… Every presidential campaign season, you constantly hear the talking heads on Fox News, CNN, ABC, etc etc talk about the swing states and why they are important…. Talking about how the Republican Candidate has no chance of taking the White House without taking Ohio, or, how the Democrat Candidate has no chance without taking Florida… Hypothetically speaking of course.  But, regardless of any and all of that is this one simple undeniable fact: If the Republican Candidate doesn’t win Texas, instead having Texas go blue for the Democrat Candidate, there is simply positively no chance in Hell that the Republican Candidate will win the White House. And, in winning Texas, the Democrat Candidate is basically guaranteed to win the White House.

It is an undeniable fact in today’s political landscape that Republicans cannot win the White House without Texas (but they can obviously lose the election while still winning Texas) and with that Democrats are guaranteed the White House if they win Texas (but they can obviously lose Texas while still winning the election)

Throughout the past 2, going on 3 decades, nobody ever worried about Texas going the way of the Democrat.  Texas has been a Red State, and a solid guaranteed Republican victory…  But, things are changing here in my home state at a very rapid pace…  Barack Obama and the Democrat Party, along with all the Democrat insiders/strategists/operatives , recognize that if they turn Texas blue that they are guaranteed every election for the White House… And, while some laugh this off as absurd, in all reality it’s not too far fetched.  Texas is the home and destination of a mass exodus, of the likes that haven’t been seen since the “Grapes Of Wrath” style rush to California during The Great Depression.  Texas, having no state-income tax and some of the lowest regulations in the nation, is leading the nation in job creation.  Infact, we honestly have an “under-employment” problem where I live here in South/Gulf Coast Texas , smack-dab in the middle of the Houston-San Antonio-Corpus Christi triangle. So as a result, we are seeing people from all 50 states pack up and move their families to Texas in hopes of a new life… Getting a full-time good paying job… Buying a home… Enjoying no state income tax….And enjoying a new life and a new beginning in Texas – as they also begin to understand why Texans are so damn proud.  BUT, it’s not just other Americans from the other 49 that we have coming to Texas…

Illegal immigration is a huge huge problem here in The Great State Of Texas.  Without dissecting the nitty-gritty details, the Mexican population is rapidly growing in Texas.  And with that growing population, is a growing base of democrat voters… I don’t know how else to say it.

So in a nutshell, Texas is gaining new citizens everyday from the other 49 states.  And, unfortunately, some of these people are liberal/progressive democrats, and they are just too stupid and ignorant to realize that liberal/progressive policies are the reason why their home-state’s economy sucks, and they had to flee to Texas. Also, the number of Mexican illegals having anchor babies etc etc and becoming new Americans/Texans are growing rapidly as well. As I said earlier, there’s no real nice/PC way of saying it, but they are prime Democrat constituents. …  Interpret as you wish….  Now, combine all this with the national effort put forth by Democrats to turn Texas blue, such as the nationally funded group “Battleground Texas”…. We face a potentially huge problem…

And remember, this isn’t just Texas’ problem… Rather, this is the USA’s problem too…. Because, if Texas turns blue, the Republicans have no chance in Hell of getting the White House anytime in the near future. I am pleading for all conservative/libertarian/tea party/ patriotic Americans that fall under the GOP umbrella, to join together and ensure that Texas stays red and never turns blue.  If Texas turns blue, our nation is screwed…

As Goes Texas, So Goes The Nation