For wavering Republicans and Undecided Voters:

Questions for Wavering Republicans and Undecided Voters

Ok, the election is less than two weeks away and there are some Republicans out there who are wavering or are too angry to vote for McCain/Palin. There are also many undecided voters who just can’t make up there minds. For those of you who fit into these categories, I’d like to ask you a few questions. As you ponder your answers to these questions, perhaps you see the gravity of the situation and make up your mind to TURN OUT for McCain/Palin.

For Social Conservatives:What will Obama/Biden do to protect life?What will Obama/Biden do to protect marriage?What will Obama/Biden do to protect our culture?What kind of judges will Obama/Biden make to lifetime appointments on the Federal Bench?

For Fiscal Conservatives: How will Obama/Biden protect your income?How will Obama/Biden protect existing jobs and create new ones?How will Obama/Biden balance the Federal budget?

For Strong Defense Conservatives:How will Obama/Biden protect our boarders?How will Obama/Biden protect the gains our soldiers have made in Iraq?How will Obama/Biden prosecute the war in Afghanistan? How will Obama/Biden prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons?

For Angry Conservatives:How will Obama/Biden be better than McCain/Palin on any of the above questions?How will losing to Obama/Biden make our country stronger in the long run?

For those hoping for Palin/Jindal in 2012:How will a losing McCain/Palin ticket help Sarah Palin win the Republican nomination in 12, when a losing Kerry/Edwards ticket didn’t help John Edwards win the Democratic nomination in 08?*

UPDATE: At the close of Rush’s show today he made note of a Gallup poll saying that Palin was a bigger drag on McCain than Bush. Do you understand what that means? Forget for a moment that it is simply not true. It is another attempt to do what I said above; the MSM wants to pin the McCain loss on Palin, so that she will have no political future because the MSM knows how powerful she is politically now. Folks you gotta wake up; if you can’t pull the lever for McCain, then TURN OUT for Palin and make her our natiions first woman VP.

I’m not being flippant; I’m not being coy. I want you to honestly answer the questions above, and then tell me again why you’re going to vote for someone else, or not vote at all?

I’ve heard all the excuses: McCain isn’t a Conservative; he gave us Sarah Palin. McCain voted for the Bailout; so did Obama. I’m through with Republicans: they let us down on the economy. So, you’re solution is to turn the economy over to the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party; to give Nancy Pilosi and Harry Reid even more power? I’m waiting for Palin; keep waiting the media is already laying the foundation of the MYTH that Palin cost McCain the election. I’m standing on principles; see the judge question above, and ask yourself how you can stand on principles when Steven Bryer convinced enough Supreme Court Justices to turn back the lower court’s ruling on voter fraud in Ohio? There are 51 vacancies on the Federal level? Reid is waiting for a new Congress and a new President? Still think you can stand on principle and keep your culture, economy, and security? The polls say it’s over why bother to show up; I’m glad you weren’t the coach of the New York Giants?

People it’s time to Buck Up; put away the fears, doubts, anger, and indecision! TURN OUT! TURN OUT! TURN OUT for MCCAIN/PALIN!