The Ann G.W. Curry Global Warming Dog and Poney Show

The “Consensus Abstract” contains false, manipulated data which went unchallenged and is promoted in the media as 97% of scientists in agreement flaunted as total or at least 97% consensus of all scientists. It is in fact 97% of 32.6% of 11,944 total papers with 66% of the total papers submitted out of in absolute disagreement stating that climate change is NOT man-made and a minority on the fence. AnnGWCurry1

Those touting 97% consensus and those in charge of analyzing the collected scientific papers on man-made global climate change aka AGW, have purposefully miscategorized  the majority of 66% as having “no position” to mislead the public.They then had the papers “crowd sourced” in order to obtain public opinion to re-categorize the papers. This has not yet been done. The media have been backing the losing horse all along. Truth once again trumps leftist propaganda!  -Pastor David A. Orts & Michelle K. Orts