Go Goldwater in 2008 !

Mr. Barry Goldwater, a five-term U.S. senator from the state of Arizona, died in 1998 at age 89. Goldwater’s message 48 years ago was as politically astute and relevant then as it is today. The conservative movement did not have the right to complain about not winning, because it had not done the work necessary to win, that it needed to “grow up” and go out and earn its victories rather than griping and whining all the time.

The United States presidential election of 1964 was one lopsided presidential election. President Johnson had come to office less than a year earlier upon the assassination of his predecessor, John F. Kennedy, and Johnson had successfully associated himself with Kennedy’s popularity. Johnson also successfully painted his opponent, Republican Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, as a right-wing legislator who wanted to abolish the social welfare programs created in the 1930s (such as Social Security). Johnson also claimed that Goldwater might plunge the country into nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Today we have a non conservative Republican Presidential candidate trying to pass himself off as a “Reagan conservative” and that of a person who has the ideals of Goldwater. If McCain is as conservative as Reagan turned out to be then I could support him. But in my humble Republican/Libertarian opinion he is not.

Senator Obama on the other side of the aisle is as close as one can get to being a socialist, and has the “take from the rich give to the poor” mentality. Those that have more money than he thinks they should have will be taxed excessively. He should read our constitution more closely. We have the right to make as much money as we can in our capitalist society, and if he taxes us to death then we should simply put our money off shore and the U.S. government should get less from us and not more.

“I hear too much griping and whining, and not enough effort to find common cause and work on behalf of that cause. When everything looks grim, that’s the time to let bygones be bygones and start rebuilding”.Senator Goldwater stated in 1960.

The nation itself may experience a Goldwater Renaissance of sorts. Come November, HBO will air a 90-minute documentary “Mr. Conservative” produced by the former Arizona senator’s granddaughter CC Goldwater. There was no nonsense with him. He would say things like “he’d like to lob a nuclear bomb into the men’s room at the Kremlin”. And meant it. It’s “basic” Goldwater conservatism, limited government, free enterprise, a strong military, among other things which survives. In line with my Libertarian principles.

Principles don’t change. It’s events and circumstances that change. To say that the ideas of Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater don’t apply today is akin to saying the Ten Commandments no longer apply either. The Republican Party is due for a reality check.

Mr. Goldwater has attracted the recent attention of The Washington Post, which proclaimed the “Return of the Goldwater GOP” after President Bush vetoed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program on Oct. 3. The American Spectator, National Review and the conservative blog Red State, alternatively, have pined for a return to old-school Goldwater-ism. He’d been called the Moses who showed conservatives the way to the Promised Land, even if he didn’t make it there himself.

Why does Goldwater matter today? He was a role model. The honest politician, a man who said what he believed, even if he sometimes did not choose his words too well, who backed up his beliefs with action, and who did not bow to political fashion.Let’s grow up, conservatives. If we want to take this country back,and I think we can, Barry Goldwater, the Arizona senator told the 1960 Republican convention,”Let’s grow up” withdrawing from the race casting his support behind Richard M. Nixon. And in your heart you know he was right!