Meet Chet Beiler - Conservative for PA LT Governor

I wanted to put my $.02 in for a candidate I believe in this gubernatorial primary season in Pennsylvania. I’ve known Chet Beiler for a number of years, and have seen him work hard at his profession, public service and with his family. His conservative credentials are impeccable – easily the best of the field in the race for PA Lieutenant Governor.

As has been so common around the country this season, the establishment within the R party has selected someone over Chet to ride the coattails of Tom Corbett’s ascendancy (and that’s another story…Go Sam!). Chet’s campaign has had to work hard to get the word out, but the message is a solid conservative one that is resonating.

For this small-town Mayor’s money, Chet Beiler is the real deal and worthy of full-guns conservative support. If you’re a PA resident wondering what to make of the dizzying array of names on the Republican ballot next week, take my advice and throw the lever for Chet Beiler.

Chet also needs our support right now, so if you can contribute to his campaign for the final media push I’m sure he’d be very appreciative. You can do so online at this address: