Keep the Wave Going - Virginia 2011

While the national media – and even local media here in the DC area – is totally fixated on the 2012 election cycle, a very important set of elections will take place next Tuesday in Virginia.  If the conservative wave is indeed still cruising towards the shore, you can help carry it on into 2012.  The signal will be the results of Virginia’s 2011 election.

Virginia flipped Blue (or Purple) in 2008, as Barack Obama carried the Commonweath with 52.6% of the vote.  A year later, Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling, and Ken Cuchinelli won with near landslide numbers.  2010 continued to be a good year for Republicans, as Tea Party activities supplemented the normally drowsy mid-term turnout  into historic numbers.  The GOP was able to achieve majority status in the House of Delegates, but fell just shy of claiming the majority in State Senate.  We stand a very good chance of securing the Senate this year.  But this election cycle is even more important than the State Congress, as the fight for county boards of supervisors, school boards, sheriff’s departments, and soil and water conversation are all up for grabs. 

In Fairfax County, barely outside of the reach of DC, Democrats have controlled the Board of Supervisors since the 1980’s.  Democrat-endorsed “non-partisan” school board members have retained their seats for many years – one in particular has been a board member for the past 18 years.  All told, Democrats in Fairfax County have over 400 years in elected office.  The results have nearly been disastrous as the county is saddled with nearly $500,000,000 in debt, forcing Moody’s to look at the county’s credit rating.  Currently, the board stands to throw more debt on top of the taxpayers with an initiative to fund 52% of the infrastructure costs to build an additional 200,000 residential units in Tyson’s Corner, sparing the developers the added cost of sewers, streets, and so far.  To make matters worse, Fairfax County code mandates that all new multi-unit construction reserve 20% of units for “affordable housing.”  For those not familiar with Northern Virginia, Tyson’s Corner is some of the most valuable real estate in the area, and probably the country.  The subsidized housing would starve the county of revenue from real estate taxes. 

Fairfax County Sheriff Stan Barry (D) enrolled in an early retirement program designed for county employees.   The program allows for county employees to set aside a large portion of the their income for retirement, matched by the county.  In return, the employee agrees to retire after three years in the program.  Barry found a loophole that allowed elected officials to participate in the program.  While that act alone should be enough for the Board of Supervisors to ask for Sheriff Barry’s resignation, Sheriff Barry’s pledge to voters is that he will suspend his enrollment in the early retirement program in order to serve another term as sheriff.  He signed a contract that he won’t honor.  How are we supposed to honor his contract with the taxpayers to enforce the law?

The Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority own the Dulles Toll Road and have been asked to fund a portion of the Metro (rail) Phase II to Dulles International Airport.  Things seemed to be going along quite nicely until the federal government choose not to participate in funding Phase II, leaving WMAA looking for pockets of cash.  Where was the first place WMAA looked?  The commuters that use the only toll road in Northern Virginia.  Today’s fare is quite reasonable – at any point in the day, a driver may hop on the toll road for $2 and be in DC in short order.  WMAA President Tom Davis (yes THAT Tom Davis) recommended that tolls increase to $10 each way in order to pay for construction of Phase II.  All of the sudden, users of the toll road will have to shift their budgets to pay the $5000/year for tolls.  And $10 is WMAA’s price FLOOR!  It could go as high as $17 one way

All of these issue could be remedied quite quickly, but we need your help.  Please visit the Fairfax County Republican Committee’s 2011 Candidate page and donate to these happy warriors.  Or help out the Republican Party of Virginia by contributing a few bucks.  As a precinct captain (as of August 2011), I have poured the foundation to revive grassroots conservative activism in the county, but mine is one of nearly 300. 

Virginia lead in 2009, and must continue to lead in 2011.  We must keep the wave a-rollin’.

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