The conservative movement scores a big victory (in Panama)

After a weekend of Republican leaders telling us that we need to forget about Reagan,  Specter claiming that the Republican party has moved too far to the right,  and we mourn the loss of Rep. Jack Kemp, a shining pearl of a story emerged from Panama.

The Alliance for Change candidate, Ricardo Martinelli, won in a landslide against the leftist governing party candidate Balbina Herrera. 

A graduate of the University of Arkansas, Martinelli is the owner of the largest supermarket chain in Panama.

While Martinelli’s political creditentials are sparse, the conservative brand was wildly popular among Panamanians young and old.  Along the campaign trail, Martinelli pledged to shrink the Panamanian government, cut taxes to encourage private sector growth, and build upon free trade agreements with partners in Europe and United States.

Conservatives should take note of this tremendous victory.  In a region where devout leftists are nationalizing everything in sight, Panama has a elected a center-right president and a new coalition of center-right/conservative legislative branch. 

Now this is the Change we can believe in!