Yahoo! Needs to brush up on 'rithmetic

In the most recent case of praise for the People’s (Communist) Republic of China, our friends over at Yahoo! ranks the competing nation’s medal count by “gold medals won”. (Update: Mea culpa, I viewed this page via a link from Drudge. I guess there was a Freudian slip over there on Drudge.) Of course, the communists did win more gold medals than the United States (that is, until the IOC overturns all of the medals won by the “women Chinese gymnasts”.).
Meanwhile, Obama lauds the “Chinese”.) for all of the money the commies dumped into their infrastructure for the Olympics. Sheesh… Rush said it best (paraphrasing) “If you think China is so great, why don’t you go run for president over there!”

Is that an OIF/OEF memorial bracelet on Obama's right wrist?  Perhaps it is actually in memorium of Rev. Wright and his typical white grandmother?