Don't disenfranchise 58.12% of Republican voters!

    Trump Cruz Rubio Kasich  
  10,056,690 6,854,211 3,461,265 3,672,832

I would like to know why no one makes the argument that more people have voted against Donald Trump than for him? So much talk by Trump and surrogates focuses on Disenfranchisement of the voters of this country. Here is some simple math that supports why an open convention is what allows the majority of voters in this country to still have a say.

24,044,998 votes have been cast in caucuses and primaries.

10,056,690 votes for Donald Trump.

13,988,308 not for Donald Trump.

Math says that only 41.82% of America wants Donald Trump as Nominee.

So who is REALLY being ‘Disenfranchised’ if Trump takes it? Yes….58.18% of Primary voters will be ‘Disenfranchised’.

I wish someone would really point this out more.