The Clinton Body Count

I am not typically one who is drawn in by conspiracy theories for sure. Today, however, I was reading around and I found this link in a comment over at another conservative blog:

The Clinton Body Count

I am sure as with most conspiracy type informational sites that there is truth mixed with some far stretched associations and the like. I decided to read it as a fun exercise. Now, I work with statistics as part of my job which is something I can’t mentally avoid. My mind is forever unconsciously trying to quantify and sort, associate and group. It can be annoying. So as I read my mind engaged and just kept picking up patterns. Approximately 19 of the people on the page died and were declared suicides. I didn’t even do a count of all the deaths by Plane/Train/Automobile. All this got me to thinking a couple things.

  • The fact of their association with the Clinton’s or their business/affairs are not under dispute
  • The fact they are dead is not under dispute

Now I know my life circle is vastly smaller than that of the Clintons but it seems that they have been around a group of really suicidal people. I don’t know that most of us in our personal lives have suicide so prolific as a cause of death in the people we come in contact with. My point is this, if you associate with the Clinton’s or their business dealings your risk of suicide or accidental death goes pretty significantly up.

It would be illustrative to see someone do a compilation like this on a conservative like Reagan or one of the Bushes to see if this phenomenon is Clinton specific or just indicative of corruption or just random facts that can be strung together about any high profile figure.

Do what you will with the link. I don’t endorse it or necessarily believe it is 100% conclusive of anything. It does add a little odor to the stink of corruption that already surrounds the likely Democratic nominee. Makes you look again at that famous picture that is featured for this post. Is she merely deleting an email or is she ordering a hit on someone surrounding the Benghazi events. We’ll never really know will we? As Hillary and Bill would likely say…..”There is no definitive proof of that but there is ,of course, a right wing conspiracy.”

On the upside, the writers of House of Cards have plenty of material for many seasons to come.