What the Ruling Class Does Not Comprehend: Part II

In my last posting What the Ruling Class Does Not Comprehend, I explained in part, what the ruling class does not comprehend.  Perhaps, the lack of comprehension of individual liberty (this was written in the aforementioned article) is true for many of the ruling class in Washington D.C.  However, there are those that fully comprehend individual liberty, and for reasons that are nonsensical to most, completely reject it.  For some it may very well be a form of malfeasance, and for others are perhaps they are simply ideologically misaligned for personal gains.  As conservatives, we understand and accept that the progressives, liberals, and socialists in power will always view us as an affront to their radical agenda and personal motivations.  Moreover, we understand that more detrimental to our nation are those Republicans, whom apply themselves in Washington D.C. in the same manner as progressives, liberals, and socialists. Yet, for many years such individuals have been able to act in such a manner, but upon their need for reelection miraculously become stalwart conservatives.

What is most disturbing is that the ruling class views us, the people, as the unwashed masses -easily deceived and manipulated.  Sadly, they fail to comprehend key elements that are counterintuitive to their preconceived notions.  One such element was addressed in my previous post.  However, what beyond this, does the ruling class fail to perceive about we the people.  Quite simply, it is related to their false notions of supremacy, and the false notions about conservatives.

The ruling class, view themselves as intellectually superior to those whom they govern.  That statement in and of itself, provides us with their folly.  First and foremost, the belief that we the people are the governed is partially true.  We are indeed, in a sense are governed by the federal government -by both elected and politically appointed officials.  The United States, to continue to exist must be governed, there is no valid argument to the contrary.  Likewise, in order for the United States to continue its existence, we cannot continue in our current downward spiral.  This downward spiral is directly related to the manner that we are being currently governed.  Therefore, for us to exist, we must return to be governed in the manner that was originally intended. This is best articulated by President Abraham Lincoln as a “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth”, ergo a Constitutional Republic.  We the people, govern those who govern us. It is a reciprocal relationship in theory.  However, this relationship has degenerated from its intended course, it has mutated to a federal government that is alien to our history, culture, and society.  Many in Washington D.C., either do not understand or embrace this maladjusted form of governance. This much we understand but it seems the ruling class cannot fathom that we the people know this and are actively trying to reverse such a misguided course.  They fail to comprehend that we the people know what is best for our nation and ourselves.  Their egotistical view of government has helped cause this misguided course of governance.  This is quite problematic for both the people and the government itself.  Furthermore, this misconception is intrinsically aligned with the subsequent misconception the ruling class has.

For any individual to believe they are intellectually superior to an entire populace is both illogical and incorrect.  Yet, unfortunately this is precisely what the “Masterminds”(used in reference to Mark Levin’s wonderful book Ameritopia) in Washington D.C. believe.   This is a concise advantage that the American people have, more specifically we conservatives have.  We the American people have been underestimated by the ruling class.  As I have written previously, individually there may very well be little we accomplish.  However, collectively we can direct each of our individual talents and abilities to advance the conservative political philosophy and goals.  Examples of this can be observed in the recall elections in Colorado, the election of Senators Cruz and Lee, the Tea Party surge of 2010, and many other recent victories.  The ruling class in Washington D.C. must be befuddled on how such victories can be possible.  It is quite simply, a matter of correctly applying the will of the people into the government, as was intended in the founding of our nation.  The ruling class, has erroneously presumed that the American people, specifically the conservatives, do not have the ability to influence the political outcomes in Washington D.C.  Insomuch, the ruling class has failed to recognize the overwhelming fact that, we, the American people are conservative, collectively are highly intelligent, and are becoming singularly focused.  Perhaps, they have begun to slowly ascertain that conservative champions are slowly being elected in local, state, and federal positions, because we the people have spoken. There is much fear in the politics of Washington D.C.  This is made evident from the malicious attacks on conservative leaders in both the elections processes and those who are in office.  These attacks against conservatives should prove to us that our nation’s course is beginning to correct itself by our actions.  Moreover, it proves that we should continue our endeavors and keep the faith that our country will again, be a shining city on the hill.