What the Ruling Class Does Not Comprehend.

Political victories and defeats are rarely measured on singular issues.  It is the end result of actions culminated over many years that measures the success of political goals.  Unfortunately, the conservative movement since President Ronald Reagan, has had very few victories.  Perhaps, the fight over ObamaCare and the debt ceiling was nothing more than another loss.  Although, notwithstanding a few noteworthy conservatives it was not much of a fight, but I digress.  A superficial examination over this recent inadequate political fight provides only the obvious results to most.  They view this fight, started by only the conservatives, as simply nothing more than a loss for us and a win for Democrats and RINO-Republicans.  However, perhaps this recent fight requires we look beyond the superficial, and into the philosophical.

Philosophy is the search for an objective truth, based on reason and logic.  I am no Rhodes Scholar, so perhaps others will find I am wrong in some of my subsequent conclusions.  However, my conclusions as a matter of personal opinion, are nothing more than blatant truths based on logic and reason.  It is true the conservative ideals have suffered egregious losses.  This is particularly true considering the first and current terms of the current President.  As a matter of principal and fact, this cannot be denied.  Yet, there is a positive result that sometimes can be derived from a negative action.

Conservative values revolve around the concept of individual liberty.  As liberty is interwoven in the very fabric of human existence, so are conservative values.  As government expands, liberty contracts; the words of the great President Ronald Reagan.  This can be observed through the destructive force that mammoth iron-fisted governments have placed upon individual liberty throughout history.  Looking throughout history, there are numerous examples of the masses rising for the cause of liberty.  Observing human actions throughout history, it is apparent that liberty is an inherent desire of mankind. The story of the United States is a testament to the cause of liberty, more specifically individual liberty.  The concept of conservatism hence, is a testament to both the United States of America and to liberty in and of itself.

The accounts of our people fighting for individual liberty can be traced to the American Revolution, the American Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, current conservative movement, and countless other moments in American history.  This peaceful conservative movement, is a direct reaction to the contraction of liberty.  Liberty, as an inherent human desire, cannot be constrained without resistance to the forces that compress it.  As liberty is more than a concept, it is part of the human soul, a people cannot exist without liberty.  The proof required to confirm this claim, one only needs to look to the people of the numerous countries where restraint, pain, and misery have replaced liberty. Their spirits remain bound by the chains of oppression. Their souls, are broken. We can only pray for these unfortunate souls, that the hope of liberty remains in their spirits.  Indeed, there is much suffering around the world because of the removal of liberty from mankind.  However, what does this, if anything, have to do with the current situation?  Everything.

The American people, our nation, and our Constitution are a testament to the true nature of mankind.  As it was intended, the United States prospers because of individual liberty.  When this liberty is contracted, as a direct result so are the people, but the American people have a history in the United States of pushing back for the cause of liberty.  As a result of the magnificence of the American way of life, individual liberty continually rebounds in all of its glory.  Those who, by their own egotistical endeavors, attempt to propagate the destruction of the individual, find themselves in the end at a unique disadvantage.  This is exactly what the fight against ObamaCare and the debt ceiling represent.

Those two particular issues are merely the most recent instruments to restrict liberty.  The American people, cannot burden this any longer.  This “compromise” will only disgust the majority of Americans with the ruling class.  The actions of Senator Lee, Senator Cruz, Senator Paul and many House conservatives will only increase our ranks.  The outcry from the American people has sent a clear message to the ruling class that cannot be denied.  To their own political destruction, these individuals have failed to listen.  Liberty, is winning the fight.  The pain of ObamaCare, will inevitably cause the vast conservative majority in this nation to surge in numbers.  Independents, Reagan-Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians will begin to become involved with the political process like never before, and to our delight these Americans will be on the side of liberty and the conservative cause.  We shall prevail in our cause, as it is human nature to seek liberty.  Although a minor loss we did suffer, we will not have to endure many more, for liberty and the human spirit will not allow it.