Senator Cornyn Shows His Fear of the Tea-Party

Senator Cornyn has begun running advertisements, concerning his “conservatism” here in Texas recently.  Additionally, Senator Cornyn has reached out to the media recently.  In Todd Gillman’s blog, with the Dallas Morning News, reported both of these facts.  This posting quotes Senator Cornyn as follows:

“Senators run for office every six years. We’ve had a lot of people move to Texas in the interim … I would daresay ‘John Cornyn’ is not a household word and I just thought it would be helpful to remind people of what my record looks like: I’m a conservative. I’m a proud conservative, and I think my record reflects that. And I think my representation on behalf of the 26 million of Texas represents Texans’ view of the world and our role as a model for the rest of the country.”1

It appears, Senator Cornyn understands that he has infuriated his conservative base.  This conservative base, I might add, constitutes an overwhelming majority in Texas.  All the proof that is required is history.  Reference the political battle between the now U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, and the Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.  Apparently, there is a weak primary field for Senator Cornyn.  Perhaps, looking retrospectively at the aforementioned political battle, was the same was said for David Dewhurst?  Senator Cornyn, given his “weak” competition would not be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to campaign, where little competition exits.  The only logical conclusion is enough conservatives bombarded his office for not supporting Senator Cruz, and Senator Cornyn ultimately voting for cloture.  Perhaps Senator Cornyn, now fears backlash from his conservative base.

Nonetheless, I informed Senator Cornyn (via email) some time ago, if he refused to support Senator Cruz, Senator Lee, and Senator Paul et al. in defunding “ObamaCare”, certain outcomes will be guaranteed.  First, if he did not support this effort, I would use every bit of intellectual and financial means at my disposal to ensure he is not reelected.  Secondly, I would inform every single individual I know of his actions, in a concise yet simple manner.  Finally, as a matter of speculation, I informed the Senator he would destroy any workable relationship with Tea-Party groups within and outside of Texas.  By his campaign actions recently, it appears my speculation holds some truths.

If by fortuitous circumstances a Congressional staffer comes across this obscure blog, perhaps you should get the Senator’s attention (and other Establishment-Republicans).  There may have been an empty symbolic vote against the Democrat’s version of the continuing resolution, where he and other pseudo-conservatives voted against funding “ObamaCare”, but it does not take much to see beyond this.  Moreover, it takes even less effort to articulate what voting for cloture equated to and communicate this to a massive audience.  For those Republicans that voted against cloture, are those whom truly stood against this monstrosity of Obamacare. This much, we all know.

Generally speaking, many individuals do not care about such things until they feel the pain in their personal lives; it is an unfortunate fact, but a fact nonetheless.  That said, we, the people, are feeling the pain of an out of control leviathan centric to Washington D.C.  “ObamaCare” is merely the most recent debacle, albeit the most destructive.  The people, shall seek knowledge to understand why this quintessential socialist program, and others like it, stood intact while there was a means to defund and defeat them.  Unfortunately for Senator Cornyn, I am extremely adept in research and analysis. Therefore, I will use every bit of God given talent to research and analyze, his public speeches comparatively to his actual actions in the Senate.  Furthermore, I will provide this information to every individual I have contact with in Texas, in an articulate and concise manner.  As the pain of this bloated federal government expands, and liberty contracts, many will wish to know why.  It is my duty, as an American citizen to inform them.

Again if by happenstance there is a Cornyn staffer whom stumbles across this blog, and dismisses it as empty words, perhaps a little lesson before this post is finished.  It only took me a few days, to identify and analyze the multiple speeches of leadership in the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki, to understand their foreign intelligence initiatives.  This was done in Cyrillic, which I do not speak, read, or write.  Simply using my intellect and effort, I was able to identify, translate, and analyze this information.  (This does have a point, I assure you)  I had no personal or professional motivation to do this, it was simply a challenge I decided to take up.  However, Senator Cornyn’s actions (and other establishment Republicans) do motivate me, as we are dealing with the degradation and subsequently the destruction of our Constitutional Republic.  Moreover, there are millions of conservatives, many who are more much more intelligent than I, who are also extremely upset with the status quo.  Collaboratively, our efforts could see your political demise and the political demise of mush-republicans.  Each one of us, brings to this political fight, our own unique God given talents.   My skills singularly, perhaps are ineffective.  Collectively, however,  given the variety and vastness of individual abilities, we conservatives are a force that has massive political power; more so than the ruling class in Washington D. C.

In politics, sides must be taken, it appears on defunding ObamaCare Senator Cornyn decided poorly.

1. Todd J. Gillam.  “Explaining Ad Buy, Sen. John Cornyn Says Many Texans Don’t Know    Him”.  http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2013/10/explaning-ad-buy-sen-john-cornyn-says-many-texans-dont-know-him.html/ . 09 Oct. 2013.