The American Spirit. A personal project.

I have begun a personal project of sorts.  I have begun to write my first book, more so for my children and family than to be published.  I feel that we as a people have lost the American Spirit.  More than anything, I want my family, and my descendants to understand the true majesty of the American people.  This project of mine will probably take several long years, as I am enrolled in full time University and work fulltime.  Nonetheless, some input would be great.  Here is a small excerpt of my initial thoughts:

Since the founding of the United States of America we have been an exceptional nation of people.  American history since its creation merely highlights the magnificent and beneficent people we as Americans are. Our nation was created under the premise that all men are created equal; with rights bestowed upon the people not by fellow man but by the creator.  These rights are inalienable, unmovable, solid, and intrinsically American.

This in of itself is a quite majestic and humbling history to inherit as a people.  However, there is an ominous collective feeling among many Americans.  This ominous feeling if left unacknowledged shall fester in the very fiber of our existence as a people.  It will degrade the spirit we have as a people, this unique American spirit that has brought so much joy and prosperity to our people and the world.  This ominous feeling, although difficult to identify, must be addressed.

As a people we are dispirited, because our once magnificent America is being transformed into a something that is altogether alien to us as a people. As we observe our nation decline we are left with a feeling of helplessness.  Most in the political arena appear to be content with simply holding on to power.  They are unable or unwilling to avert this decline of our nation.  As a result, we as Americans become dispirited.  As many of our own elected officials lambast -by words or actions- our history, culture, values, and their fellow Americans, we are dispirited.  The reasons why we as a people have become dispirited are long and complex.  To that end it is beyond the  human capacity to address each and every cause for the dispiriting of our people.

However, I do not seek to bring them to light.  As we, the American people, have become dispirited by intrinsically un-American aspects, we must look within to regain the American spirit.  Not within government, that some fools believe is the source of greatness. Not within any organization, cause, or group.  The only way, we as a people will be able to regain the American spirit is to look within what has, and shall again, make the United States of America a truly magnificent nation- Its people.

The American is a unique individual the world has a shortage of.  Americans as a whole love our fellow man; we are sincerely kind and gracious.  We are extremely beneficent when disasters strike, regardless of where in the world it might be.  Our sense of justice is fair; albeit imperfect.  Our work ethic is indicative of the industriousness and profitability of our people.  We are patriotic and proud of what his nation has accomplished since its creation. Through the trials and tribulations this nation has faced, we have and shall, overcome what besieges our unique American experience.

There is no way to correctly describe the greatness of the American people.  Nonetheless, as our way of life begins to degrade, we must refuse to sit idly by as this greatness is besieged.  I sat perplexed on how to help my countrymen regain a small part of their American Spirit.  I was not apt or willing to become involved in politics. I am not an intellectual.  For the majority of my adult life I was either in the United States Marine Corps, in a private sector employment, or in law enforcement; as honorable as they all may be it would not help my goal.  I began to fret.  The thought of being powerless as my nation is transformed to the shell of its former self was to me unconscionable.

After several years of my own dispirited state, it struck me.  I am not a politician, or a scholar, and there is no fame or fortune to my name. Yet I am an American and to be an American is to be inherently exceptional.  At that point in time, it became apparent that thought in of itself is quite possibly the greatest truth.  We as Americans are inherently exceptional.  How then can we as a people regain our American spirit? We need not look further than our own people; our heritage, founding, history, morals, and culture.

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