I've had enough of the establishment Republicans!

The idiocy of Washington D.C. has no bounds it appears. This great nation is at a pivotal point. The problems that this nation faces are too great in number and complexity to address, which should indicated the plausible fate our nation will face. The only party that had a capability to prevent this socialist agenda has failed the people. It is beyond reason and logic how both parties can balkanize our society, yet advocate for radical egalitarianism. The so-called immigration reform legislation is a perfect example of this idiocy.

In supporting this legislation Congress, both Democrat and Republican sadly, have proven to the American people yet again, the rule of law is not absolute. Regardless whether this legislation passes the House of Representatives is irrelevant. The Senate has -by their actions and spoken words- shown the American people that it is both honorable and noble to violate the laws of the United States; so long as you are an illegal immigrant. To paraphrase Mark Levin, “it has somehow become that it is noble to be an illegal immigrant and to be a citizen is second class”. It appears Mr. Levin was proven correct in his assumption, by the actions of the Senate.

This balkanization coupled with radical egalitarianism will increase the speed our downward spiral is in. How long can the American citizen continue to labor tirelessly while abiding by the law, paying increased tax burden, having their moral values questioned or ridiculed, being lambasted for traditionalism? How long can we as a people have our labors taken to fuel a socialist leviathan and redistributed among a vastly ungrateful segment of the population? How long can we be marginalized into classes, based on race, ethnicity, religion, wealth, sex, or age? Adding insult to injury, we the people are being lectured by the political elite that have disenfranchised themselves from the will of the people.

It appears the establishment Republicans have no grasp of reality- of what it is to be a Republican. A Republican stands stalwart in their support for the Constitution, liberty, the rule of law, and the sovereignty of the individual. A behemoth of a federal government, by its nature, is incapable of supporting any of the aforementioned philosophies. This leaves us with the obvious conclusion. Establishment Republicans have no respect for our laws, history, culture, values, and mores. Therefore I cannot help but lament over what the Republican Party has become. The most recent immigration reform legislation has done nothing but disenfranchise Republican, Regan-Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian, and Independent voters from the Republican Party.

If I had the intellectual, financial, and professional capabilities to run for elected office I would. In this nation, there are virtuous individuals that have the capabilities to run for elected office.  However, I cannot help but wonder where they might be.  The elected officials in Washington D.C. are not representative of the beneficent and magnificent American people, notwithstanding a few notable exceptions. I have faith in our people, who make this nation great and prevent the degradation of our way of life.  However, I have no faith whatsoever in establishment Republicans to produce anything of substance for the American people.

As it stands now, we are in a political fight to control the Republican Party’s direction. We conservatives, number in the tens of millions. We can control the narrative for the nation. The actions in Washington D.C. leave us with no choice but to become extremely aggressive in our political fights, not only on the national stage but in state and local elections as well. To do otherwise is to stand by as our entire society is transformed by both establishment Republicans and Democrats. If we do not, our nation is doomed to be completely transformed into something that is altogether foreign to our history, culture, values, traditions, and way of life.  I for one, will use every God given bit of intellectual and financial means I have to defeat, politically speaking, Democrats and establishment Republicans. If we as conservatives band together and become the political aggressors, then our country may stand a chance at survival.