My 2 cents on the Debate.

Once the discussion of the unprofessional demeanor of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden during the debates is over, we find will that Congressman Ryan, generally speaking, provided more substantive arguments. I would go so far as to guess Congressman Ryan will win the debate by 8-12%, after Americans get over the actions of Vice President of the United States Joe Biden and actually interpret and review the information in the debate.

After studying the transcript and watching the debate itself this becomes more evident during analysis. As I studied each of the candidate’s responses, I did so as objectively as possible. Unlike many of the media outlets, I will claim there is a slight right leaning bias in my analysis. Simply because of human nature, it is difficult if not impossible to act with complete objectivity.

On Libya:
Vice President Biden, despite skirting the first question (which in itself was a question that insinuated the answer to the American people), finally answered Raddatz on the Libya fiasco. In his response, Vice President Biden threw the intelligence community under the bus. Unfortunately, any findings made by Congressional oversight committee, Federal Law Enforcement, or other entities will be classified. Therefore, we will not be able to determine the truth, if ever, until after November 6th. However looking at the information available, it appears the Vice President lied to the American people.

Congressman Ryan provided a good answer on Governor Romney’s initial response to the Libya tragedy. However, to be honest his responses to the withdrawal from Iraq, and proposed timeline for withdrawal from Afghanistan were more strategically oriented. In regards to Afghanistan, under no circumstances should any policy provide a withdrawal deadline while active combatants are engaging our forces (Notwithstanding surrender). Yet his comment about leaving a 30,000 member contingency force in Iraq did not settle well with some independent voters. I agree wholeheartedly with Congressman Ryan’s statement on Iraq, but will not elaborate due to its complex nature.

On the Islamic Republic of Iran:
Vice President Biden made on mistake, in my opinion an extremely serious one. The Vice President said

“But number two, the Iranians are — the Israelis and the United States, our military and intelligence communities are absolutely the same exact place in terms of how close — how close the Iranians are to getting a nuclear weapon. They are a good way away. There is no difference between our view and theirs”

Based on Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United Nations general assembly, it is safe to assume that the United States government and the Israeli government are absolutely not in exactly the same place of how close the Iranians are to a nuclear weapon. Nor it is feasible that they do not have a means to deliver a nuclear weapon to Western Europe or Israel. Furthermore, it is difficult to accept that we will know when the Iranians have a delivery system or are construction one. Futhermore, ICBMs are not the only means of delivering a nuclear devices. This is a foolish argument to provide to the American people. This argument does not address the world with a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. (Nor does it address the implications of a nuclear detonation in an allied nation).

In contrast Congressman Ryan made, although not the most articulate or eloquent case,it would be difficult with someone cackling at you none stop. Nonetheless, it was based on sound policy towards Iran. Moreover, it is based on a fundamental understanding of what exactly a nuclear armed Iran is to the world.

On the U.S. Economy:
Substantively, Congressman Ryan won this hands down. This should be no surprise to anyone. To even argue that the current economic policy has provided fruitful results is folly. Therefore I will not go into great detail on the substance of each side of the arguments.

However, when speaking on the stimulus bill, Vice President Biden scored a small victory. Calling out Congressman Ryan’s request for stimulus money for his constituents was a move we all saw coming. Unfortunately for Ryan this is a fact that is difficult to refute. During a debate, it is not the time to differentiate between a trustee and an instructed delegate. That, is what I think Congressman Ryan was attempted to argue, but was not afforded the opportunity.

On Social Security and Medicare:
Again Congressman Ryan won this despite, ridiculous arguments by the Vice President. It was particularly effective, and much to his credit, Congressman Ryan argued the reality that if Medicare and Social Security are not fixed now, it will be unsustainable later. Furthermore he reiterated that 716 billion dollars was taken from Medicare to fund Obamacare. Although, I feel it could have been better delivered, nonetheless the substance and truth was there. With all honesty, I fell that Congressman Ryan’s message resonated with senior citizens. They, as most Americans (I hope) understand the unsustainability of our entitlement programs.

On Taxes:
As expected class warfare was used to pit one segment of society against the other at least in theory. This will not work for independent voters. Throughout the debate, a very negative and combative attitude from the Vice President was established. Ryan again made some very substantive and true arguments to, as many in the left like to say “snake oil” that Vice President Biden was spewing.

I would love to write more on this debate, but to be perfectly honest after listening to it twice and reading it several times, I just cannot stomach how the Vice President of the United States was acting, and the rhetoric he was providing. I can only take so much. However I do standby my assumption that once the effects of the Vice Presidents demeanor and actions subsides, we will see an 8-12% victory for Congressman Ryan.