Great day to be an American!

It is a great day to be an American.

Is the U.S. of A, not the single greatest country on God’s green earth? Despite some of the best efforts of hardcore leftist to turn the United States of America, into the United Socialist States of America (USSA), freedom still endures.

Here in Texas those who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, the importance of the individual and individual freedom, free market economy, the Constitution, and the American dream put our beliefs into our votes for Ted Cruz.

This week I have exercised my individual freedoms with great compassion. Let us take a look at my plans for the next week and see how it would make the left squirm.

I voted for a constitutional conservative, who beat an establishment moderate RINO republican. I ate at chick-fil-a twice. I’m going to exercise my 2nd amendment right and take my firearms to the range. I’m going to buy an “assault rifle” (that ridiculous terminology is for a post a later time), and some high capacity magazines just for the mere fact it is my right as an American citizen. I’m going to Las Vegas, because of course President Obama thinks there is better things we as Americans could spend our money on, like higher taxes. I’m going to write my U.S. representative. I’m going to donate to the Catholic Church (although I’m not catholic I do support their fight for freedom of religion). I’m participating in free speech as we speak. I’m going to eat at chick-fil-a again. I’m going to spend my money at small businesses who build their wealth from the ground up. I’m going to congratulate my friends who are “rich” for living the American dream.

I could go on and on, but you all understand the point I’m making. These and many other things are what the left hates with a passion. Therefore I take it upon myself to partake in them as often as I can. Many people have a defeatist attitude with the direction of our great nation. It is understandable. However we must remain optimistic, aggressive, and focused. These socialist nincompoops can be defeated. In the meantime, let us keep up the fight, as we did in Texas. Not just once President Obama is voted out of office (and other leftists from congress) but for years to come.

I’d like to also thank each and everyone of you for any and everything you do to further the conservative cause. It gives me hope in our society, that there is still a majority of Americans with an understanding of what our nation stands for. So to all my fellow Americans and conservatives, God bless the U.S.A.!