Is it really so hard to have convictions in public office?

I find most politicians nauseating.  The nation is slowly rotting away morally, economically, and spiritually.  The debt we owe will cripple our children and grandchildren’s way of life.  Freedom of religion is under assault.  Our moral compass doesn’t know north from south.  With the problems we face as a nation requires leaders of conviction and principles. That is seriously lacking on the national level.  Notwithstanding many of the conservatives who remain so far committed to their convictions.  Yet, there are many democrats and republicans alike that despite understanding the circumstances this nation is in, they would rather align themselves with a party than a principle.  Is it so hard to stand for what is right not what is acceptable or easy.  Is reelection that important if there is no longer a United States as we know it?  Is staying within acceptable range of party consensus worth violating your conscience and throwing our nation deeper into termoil?

It is not that hard to legislate with some measure of conviction…  In June of 2005, I was in Al Anbar province Iraq fighting an insurgency with a Marine infantry unit.  Although I left the ranks of the Marine Corps in 2001, did not agree with the war itself, I decided it was my duty based on my principles and convictions to rejoin and go to war.  While in Iraq I served with some of the finest men this nation has to offer. Each man, consequences be damned, put his life on the line and did his duty.  So many men and women lost their lives because they believed in standing up for their principles to make this nation a better place.  So many men and  women are now permanently disabled because their convictions drove them to serve the betterment of the nation.  So many men and women live the nightmares of war day in and day out, because they believed in all that was great about the United States of America.  Many of our brothers and sisters were willing to face a horrific violent death for the prosperity America and her people.

Is it so hard to do the right thing and risk not being reelected or being shunned by a political party?  In the end we the people are not asking you to risk your life legislating.  No one can expect a perfect record for anyone elected into office.  Yet, I find more of the actions by politicians and political appointees lacking any form of conviction or
principles.  Are we the people asking too much for a balanced budget?  Is it asking too much to have representatives in the Senate and House that actually do what is best for the nation, not their party, is it such a difficult task?  Is it too much for us to expect some measure of urgency and duty to the nation?  Our men and women in uniform do it day in and day out.

I rarely speak of my time in Iraq.  But looking at the sacrifices so many have made through the centuries for our nation, I find it disgusting the state our nation is in and the general complacency among many elected officials.  They would rather talk about birth control, LBGT  rights, and everyone doing their fair share, having a fair shot, and all that other malarkey.  I wish there was more that I could do to help our nation that is in rapid decline.  I would run for office to make a difference, though I hardly feel as though I am the caliber, intellectually at least, to do so.  That is when I realized, my hope rests with all of you, my fellow Americans. We are the solution to what ails America.  Too much focus is placed on government as the solution and problem. We the American people that still have the right convictions and principles are still the majority.  If we can only  continue to unite in a single cause then maybe, just maybe, we have a shot at reforming Washington D.C. and putting more individuals that stand up for what is right, consequences be damned.

I know that most of my posts are lacking in factual information and mostly encompass a more philosopical perspective. I sincerely wish that I had more time to research and post more relevant subjects, but right now I have little time for that. As I have more time free up I hope to have a little better quality posts for you all to read.