Socialism.... and they still think this will work?

I was an infantryman for quite some time, and with the little formal education I have, could figure this out. Why is it that so many politicians independent, democrat, and republican cannot…. are they not supposed to the leaders of the free world? I hope that my posts are acceptable. If they are devoid of anything of substance or relevancy please let me know. I am still new to this.

The far left in their typical fashion continues the argument of class warfare. The communist manifesto theorizes of an epic struggle between the proletariat and bourgeoisie, where the working class proletariat are in constant struggle with the ruling class- bourgeoisie. This theory of communism, socialism, and the like has been disproven throughout modern history. As we see currently this is made evident in our times by the governments of Western Europe. Yet, President Obama continues his rhetorical arguments for what is nothing more than socialism. President Obama, quite poorly argues on each opportunity that may arise, for his socialist prerogative. This same false rhetoric is repeated by leftist and even some moderate democrats time and time again.

Yet, if viewed objectively the argument for socialism is quite ridiculous. In particular, if it is compared to some of the United States founding principles. The basic argument for any socialist model of government is to redistribute wealth. It is understood that without wealth that has been previously created this objective cannot be accomplished. Once wealth has been or is continually being redistributed the amount of wealth to be distributed stagnates. Destroying wealth creators will destroy them and those whom reap the benefits of redistributive wealth. Once wealth is no longer created it likewise is no longer available to redistribute. When this occurs, despotism and despair is all that is left of socialist societies.

Philosophically, the goal of socialism is exactly what? Socialism is a mechanism to secure wealth for those whom are “deemed” disadvantaged and unable to leave the ranks of the “proletariat”, by theft from others. Socialism is best described by President Obama in a June 8, 2012 private fund raiser in Los Angeles, California.

“And so we came together to affirm and assert that we were going to restore that basic sense that in America, everybody gets a fair shot and everybody does their fair share and everybody plays by the same set of rules.”

(Translated into the truth, we will force everyone to be exactly the same in every aspect unless we deem you worthy to be included in our ruling or privileged classes, defeating the entire rational for socialism.)

Socialism may have been a logical application to serfdom but not in our wonderful form of government when properly applied. The American founders, knowingly or unknowingly, addressed this “inequality” problem socialism attempts to rectify. Socialism in the end merely secures wealth for individuals, as stated before, by theft. A constitutional republic ensures that an individual is secure in their property, liberty, and life. Not through means of redistribution though unwarranted acquisition via government or unlawfully by other individuals. Quite the contrary, our constitutional republic ensures the labor and wealth of the individual, which was amassed through legitimate means, is secured to the individual.

I tire of comments President Obama and other leftist spew out in regards to the conservative thinking. Comments such as this, again made in his private fund raiser, on the 8th of June. “It says if you were a child born into poverty; pull pull yourself up by your own bootstraps — even if you don’t have boots.” (No that’s not a typo)

I hate to sound arrogant but, I was born into borderline poverty. My parents, through hard work kept us above that “poverty line”. Faced with no ability to pay for a college education, I entered the U.S. Marines as a private making 900 dollars a month. 15 years later, after ten years in the Marines, and now I am living well. I am providing a better life than I had for my children. This was not due to a helping hand from the government (other than the chance to enlist). My wealth is the fruit of my own labor. The sense that I have of personal responsibility, work ethic, duty, and rugged individualism was directly responsible for my success. Not from the labor of someone else.

It would be wise of Mr. Romney to speak of this more. The overwhelming majority of Americans have a thirst for this. It has been lacking in our collective society for too many years. Not simply to speak of it, but to have it reflected in their actions. To aggressively attack the socialist movement, with sound arguments for a constitutional republic. Our arguments, viewed both subjectively and objectively, (which I hope the vast majority of Americans can still differentiate the two) can only be countered with vain emotional arguments, divisive conduct, and class warfare. I pray the nation’s people can see through the left’s baseless and logically devoid arguments.

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