National Security Nightmare

We have a dire situation unfolding as we speak. I just skimmed over the New York Times article “Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran”, by David E. Sanger. I could not stomach to read the article in its entirety, however, its substance poses great risks to our national security, intelligence operations, and relations with current allies. Sanger’s article is merely one of many instances of classified information being “leaked” to the public. There is a trend of escalating and increasing “leaks” of classified information.  “Leak” is put in parenthesis sarcastically, because the word can insinuate that the information was provided by mistake or human error. Most of these instances are intentional disclosure of classified materials. (Notwithstanding the disclosure of certain information that is false, partial, or true to  further intelligence goals, again does not apply in these situations)

Please be patient as I discuss some background to support my claim.

To understand the threat that has been created, we must look at our enemy Iran. To say they are anything less is foolish, unrealistic, and downright dangerous. The most notable and immediate threat of the Iranian arm is Hezbollah. Hezbollah is nothing more than a militant terroristic arm of the Iranian government. In the 2006 summer war between Hezbollah and Israel very, disturbing discoveries were made about the capabilities of Hezbollah. Additional discoveries of the capabilities Iranian military intelligence and electronic warfare capabilities were brought to light as well.

The Israeli Defense Forces during the conflict assumed they had jammed all combat zone communication capabilities for Hezbollah through the use of their electronic warfare systems. Military dominance over the cyber-warfare discipline was assumed by IDF. As time would prove later, this was not the case. The IDF was unable throughout the conflict to establish any electronic warfare measures, of relative success, in  regards to the negation of Hezbollah military communications networks. It appears that the Iranian government supplied much of their technological equipment and encrypting technology to Hezbollah. Any rational person can assume this was a field test of their capabilities in a possible armed conflict with Israel or the United States over their nuclear ambitions.

Prior to September 11, 2001, Hezbollah was responsible for the death of more Americans than Al Qaida. We must also factor in their assumed involvement with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring  Freedom insurgency forces (al-Quds Forces). It is apparent Iran is making covert military action through Hezbollah and other means against the United States and Israel.

We must also consider the tragic case of Pakistani Dr. Shakeel Afridi. This poor man was imprisoned,  likely tortured, and will likely have an untimely death. This poor Dr. has had his life destroyed, because  information about the operation was released to the media. Similar is the information about the Saudi double operative that was leaked to the press. So many similar instances have occurred under the Obama  administration. Therefore we can only come to certain conclusions.

First, in regards to the actual effects the actions will have. Israel one of our only true friends has no reason to share intelligence, have any type of joint task force, or anything else related to their regional security or U.S. national security interests. If there is not trust between two nations, due to the sensitive nature of intelligence operations, then the relationship of intelligence sharing cannot exist. Moreover, British intelligence, Saudi Arabian intelligence, and other key allies in the intelligence community will not work with the United States. This is directly related to the dissemination of classified information to the media.

Second, it is evident that Iran through Hezbollah is engaged in covert warfare with Israel and the United States. As we all remember there was a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabian ambassador Adel Al –Jubeir in Washington D.C. was thwarted not too long ago. Yet we have an administration, who allows its members to release sensitive operational details about operations. This undermines our ability to properly secure this nation utilizing intelligence assets. Iran is on the move, via Hezbollah, and their intentions are not good. Now, we will not be able to secure information from our intelligence partners because of politically motivated acts.

Additionally there is now an immediate threat to the security of the nation of Israel. Iran, now knowing these cyber-attacks on their nuclear facilities was orchestrated by Israel and American intelligence services, will they not retaliate? Let us hope for the sake of the Israeli people, Iran only attempts similar cyber-attacks. Although I doubt that will be the case. Furthermore, those Iranians who facilitated this attack are more than likely going to be found, interrogated, and executed. Who knows what secrets they will tell Iranian intelligence services in the process.

Moreover, these acts show an obvious ignorance from the Obama administration in the realm of national security, diplomacy, future intelligence operations, and blatant disregard for the safety of the intelligence operatives and the American people in general. What was the goal for these transgressions? Simple, the Obama administration cannot run on any record what-so-ever. As we can see in a recent poll, more Americans place more trust in President Obama in combating terrorism that Mr. Mitt Romney. And trust Mr. Mitt Romney more with the economy. In order to facilitate more support, the Obama administration is releasing these leaks to give the appearance that President Obama is doing an excellent job with ounter-terrorism.

Now let us review what the administration has accompished in actuality. They have destroyed long standing mutual supportive foreign intelligence services. The damage they have done may take decades to repair. The administration has given Al-Qaida, Hezbollah, the Iranians, and every other anti-America nation a glimpse into our intelligence operations. This administration has created circumstances that heighten the likelihood of attacks being carried out against the homeland. They have destroyed the amount and accuracy of intelligence gathered. They have placed Israel in increased danger of further terrorist attacks and cyber-attacks. This list could go onand on.

It appears this administration does not understand the imminent threat Iran poses to us and our Israeli allies. Most media outlets will not be able to report on what I have written, because of obvious biases. That does not mean that we cannot communicate these things to our friends and family. When someone goes to gloat about President Obama’s record on national security and terrorism, just spout off some of what I have written and much of whatyou know.  Any reasonable person once hearing this, would concede that the administration’s actions were counterproductive to national security goals.

I wish there was more time to provide better information on this topic.  Hopefully it was enough to raise everyone’s awareness about the mess we are now in.  There is so much information made publically available on theses topics it is downright terrifying.