Latest MSM Smear: Palin's Kuwait Visit

The lefty blogs and the Obama campaign are currently all atwitter with excitement over their latest cooked up Palin-scandal–having given up, apparently, on claims that Governor Palin is a molester of teen-aged boys and a faker of pregnancy.

Here is the article that’s got them foaming at the mouth.

Examine two the headlines that flow from the rather innocuous material described in that piece for a sense of where this is headed.

*Media Confirms: Palin Exaggerated Trip to Iraq *(The Washington Monthly)

*Questions arise on Palin’s Iraq claim * (MSNBC)

And a quick tour of left-leaning blogs will show you any number of exultant posts about Palin has lied, how McCain has lied, how Palin’s Iraq trip was all a giant lie cooked up to give Governor Palin foreign policy credentials and that it all now stands revealed in the light of day.

The problem, however, is that Palin has NEVER once claimed that she visited Iraq, and a quick Google search will show her talking exclusively about her trip to Kuwait.So what thin material do we base all this talk of lying on?

Examining the Boston Globe’s article, we see that unnamed “aides” to Palin have reportedly told reporters that Governor Palin visited Iraq on the basis of her visit to the Khabari Alawazem Crossing on the Iraq-Kuwait border, which, as far as one able to glean from the article, is an installation which straddles Iraq and Kuwait.

So ignore the fact that Palin has never herself claimed to have been in Iraq, the fact that in none of her public statements or in public statements by the campaign has anything different been claimed, and that the aides themselves have specifically named the Khabari Alawazem Crossing as the site of Palin’s visit.

So where does that leave us? At the very worst, some of Palin’s aides spoke off the cuff about something of grave importance that they were not certain about… whether Governor Palin may or may not have literally crossed the border while visiting troops. Stop the presses!

I’ll also note that the Boston Globe article in question has itself proven prone to the very same geographical confusion which has resulted in all of these accusations of lying. If Palin’s aides can be accused of lying, then they certainly must be as well. Embedded in that article is the following:

“Her visit to Iraq itself was during a short stop at Khabari Alawazem Crossing on the second day of her two-day trip to the region.”

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