Racism in reverse

“White guilt” as brought up by a conservitive talk show host on Fox News. As he explained the way the people over 60 look at the race issue compared to people under 30. I, being almost 50,look at this guilt as racism in reverse. Because to look at a person of any color and see them different,in any way is racism. We “all” are created equal in Gods eyes. So who are we to give or take away anything based on the color of our skins. If we are truely equal then there is no need for a race card!!! EVER! Let’s all give each other complete respect and not let hate mongers put that old “white guilt” on ANY OF US!!!!! EQUAL! Period!Let’s live in the current and refuse the OLD patterns of thinking.I don’t want OBoma in the white house based on his policies!! But if I disagree then I’m a racist! Please! That is racism in reverse. This race is so important who would ever make up their mind on something so trivial as skin color ,or looks,or smoothness. Get the issues and get informed vote with you mind intact!! Not removed by “white guilt”proudmom