RI Gov. Lincoln Chaffe's Attack on Christianity

Lincoln Chafee the Governor of Rhode Island who was elected with 36% vote as an Independent ( Obama basically endorsed him as he did him) in the most Catholic state of the union has decided to call the tree lighting at the state capitol a Holiday Tree.  Back in January the State Legislature ( which is controlled of 90% Democrats) passed a measure calling the State Capitol Tree its rightful name: Christmas Tree.  Governor Chaffe today said: “all those engaged in this discussion — whatever their opinion on the matter — to use their energy and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the lives of their fellow Rhode Islanders,” So basically if you disagree with the Governor “shut up and go feed the poor.”

State Rep Costa ( R-North Kingstown) the chief sponsor of the legislation has called Chaffe a “Grinch” and plans to hold another tree lighting at the capitol under the right name: Christmas Tree. The Catholic Bishop has also weighed in disagreeing with the Governor action as has the farm that is supplying the Christmas Tree to the state.

DGA Gov O’Malley has recently asked Lincoln Chafee to become a Democrat and its shocking he hasn’t because he is as far left as they come and he joins the long ranks of Democrats attack on Christianity.