Redistricting: Dems GerryMander Illinois To New Levels

Dems just released new congressional maps and the points include it could be plus 5 seats for Dems if their gerrymandering sticks.  How bad is it?  They put Jess Jackson Jr in the same district as rural voters in Crete and Will county Congressman Adam Kinzinger?  Not only that they lumped together:  Schock/Schilling, Biggert/Roskam, Walsh/Hultgren, Dold/Schakowsky, Kinzinger/Jackson, Shimkus/Johnson.

The Dems control the process but when you start putting inner city voters with rural voters someone needs to stand up and fight the problem is the Republicans in Illinois will have no voice.  We need to make a lot noise though so people are aware of their inside machine politics at its worse