Guide To Primary Day ( Tuesday): OH, NC, IN

Tuesday is primary day in Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana and with it brings 3 primary for Senate Races and several key congressional races to watch.  Here is a rundown and please post any details on below races


US Senate Primary

Republicans have united behind Former Congressman Portman and he will be running against the winner of primary between Lt Gov Fisher and Sec of State Brunner.  Fisher looks like the favorite at this point though Brunner might have more liberal grassroots on her side her fundraising has been very poor and Fisher has been running a lot more ads then she can.

District 16 Boccieri (D)

Kevin Kapel (R) – Realtor
Matt Miller (R) – Ex-Ashland County Commissioner, Businessman & ’06/’08 Candidate
Jim Renacci (R) – Ex-Wadsworth Mayor, Businessman & Arena League Football Team Owner
Paul Schiffer (R) – Ex-Radio Talk Show Host, Pro-Life Activist, USMC Veteran & Frequent Candidate
H. Doyle Smith (R) – Retired Accountant

Renacci looks to be favorite though Miller came close last cycle

District 18 Space (D)

Beau Bromberg (R) – Sales Manager, Tea Party Activist & ’08 Candidate
Fred Dailey (R) – Ex-State Agriculture Director, Cattle Rancher, Vietnam War Veteran & ’08 Nominee
Dave Daubenmire (R) – Evangelist & Ex-High School Football Coach
Bob Gibbs (R) – State Sen. & Ex-State Rep.
Ron Hood (R) – Ex-State Rep. & ’08 Candidate in CD-7
Hombre Liggett (R) – Businessman & Minister
Jeanette Moll (R) – Ex-Guernsey County Court Magistrate Judge, Attorney & ’08 Candidate
Michael Royer (R) – Unemployed Machine Operator & Ex-Police Officer
Helen Haskett Wolfe (R) – Tea Party Activist & Wal-Mart Employee

The race should be close but it appears to be between Gibbs and Dailey.

North Carolina

40% is need in the state to avoid a runoff and it appears likely that many races with have them

US Senate (D)

The Dems are looking to knock off Senator Burr but it looks like a runoff is likely between Sec of State Marshall and the preferred DSCC candidate State Senator Cunnighman.  A third candidate Ken Lewis is garnering a lot African American support so it will be interesting to see how well he does and if he someone how manages a 2nd place.  A runoff will continue to drain each candidates coffers and both had less then 200,000 to begin with compared to Burr over 5 million.

District 7 McIntyre (D)

Will Breazeale (R) – Airline Pilot, Iraq War Veteran & ’08 Nominee
Randy Crow (R) – Businessman, Conspiracy Theorist & Frequent Candidate
Ilario Pantano (R) – Police Officer & Iraq War Veteran

Pantano looks like frontrunner but a runoff might happen
District 8 Kissell (D)
Tim D’Annunzio (R) – Businessman & Veteran
Darrell Day (R) – Evangelist
Lou Huddleston (R) – Communications Consultant, Army Veteran & ’08 State Rep. Nominee
Harold Johnson (R) – Ex-TV Sportscaster & USMC Veteran
Hal Jordan (R) – Technology Engineer & ’06 State Rep. Nominee
The race appears to be between Johnson and Huddleston and Kissell himself has a primary from a more liberal candidate for his vote against Obamacare.
District 11 Schuler (D)
Dan Eichenbaum (R) – Ophthalmologist
James “Jake” Howard (R) – Helicopter Pilot, Retired Police Officer, GOP Activist & National Guard Veteran
Ed Krause (R) – Ex-Madison County School Board Member, Attorney & National Guard Veteran
Jeff Miller (R) – Businessman & Honor Air Non-Profit Group Founder
Greg Newman (R) – Hendersonville Mayor & Attorney
Kenny West (R) – Insurance Salesman & Tea Party Activist
should be close race; Miller might have upper hand
US Senate Race primary
Many posts on this site about primary between Fmr Senator Coats, Fmr Congressman Hostettler, and State Senator Stutzman.  If the polls are right Coats should win but it should and can be close race.
District 8 (open Ellsworth D)
Bud Bernitt (R) – Realtor & Ex-Electrician
Larry Bucshon (R) – Cardiologist & Navy Veteran
Billy Mahoney (R) – Disc Jockey & Tea Party Activist
Kristi Risk (R) – Community Activist, Sunday School Teacher & Homemaker
John Lee Smith (R) – Ex-Monroe County Councilman, Ex-Monroe County GOP Chair, Financial Advisor & ’88/’98 Candidate
John Snyder Jr. (R) – Businessman & Ex-US Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce
Dan Stockton (R) – Auto Worker
Steve Westell (R) – State Conservation Officer & Tea Party Activist
Buchson and Risk appear to be two frontrunners and Risk appears more aligned to Hostettler so that might pull her over the top in Hostettler’s former district.
District 9 Hill (D)
Travis Hankins (R) – Conservative Activist & Ex-Seminary Student
Mike Sodrel (R) – Ex-Congressman & Trucking Executive
Rick Warren (R) – Quality Engineer
Todd Young (R) – Attorney, GOP Activist & USMC Veteran
The primary here is between Fmr Congressman Sodrel and Todd Young and the primary has been testy recently.  Sodrel and Hill have had 4 matches and Sodrel has won once and lost 3 other times while Young is fresh new face.  Sodrel is still favorite on name ID but some major unifying has to be done once race is over and Sodrel will have to run better campaigns then he has done in past.
Please provide any info on above races and give us your take.  People on ground always have better sense of what is happening then those who are not