The DCCC is attacking Djou in Hawaii ( Updated Race Tied Poll)

The Dems are running scared in Hawaii with the upcoming special election ( May 22nd) in a district Obama won with 70% of the vote.  Yet, Bush did get 46% in 2004 and Gov Lingle racked up big wins in the district ( 64%) and in this special election where all the candidates will be on the same ballot together and whoever gets the most votes wins Charles Djou poses a real threat.  He has already proven his electability by  representing Dem leaning seat based in Waikiki for city of Honolulu on city council.

The race includes Former Congressman Case and State Senator Hanabusa for the Dems whom is being supported by both US Senators as well as labor ( neither technically live in the district either).  The DCCC is thinking of backing Former Congressman Case who represented Hawaii’s other congressional district but for now the DCCC admitted its goal is to attack Djou and this week they began just that.  2 attack ads on Charles Djou one of which is for his signing of Americans For Tax Reform pledge to not raise taxes ( this is bad how?) have begun and DCCC Van Hollen has promised more.

Take some time to look up Charles Djou and try to help him with what you can.  A win right inside Obama’s backyard can only help unnerve many more Dems in the fall.