Some Congressional Race Updates

PA 6 Gerlach (R)

Gerlach dropped his run for Governor and is now running for re-election.  Many of the already announced Republicans are staying in the race.  CQPolitics moved race to lean Republican from tossup as result of Gerlach’s move

PA 8 Murphy (D)

Former Congressman Fitzpatrick who lost to Murphy back in 2006 by less then 250 votes is making a comeback

PA 17 Holden (D)

State Senator Argall a long time Republican elected official is announcing his run in the Republican leaning seat and this will mark the first time Holden is not given a free ride in while.

VA 9 Boucher (D)

State Senator Kilgore announced this week her will not be challenging Boucher in Republican leaning seat.

If anyone else has any updates on candidates who announced please provide them!