Redistricting: US Population Growth Winners and Losers


The Election Data Services released new numbers on US Population Growth which will determine which states gain, lose, or stay stable on the all important redistricting battle. The news so far is good news for Republicans

Texas is expected to be big winner with the state gaining 4 seats.

Arizona and Florida are each expected to gain 2 each ( Arizona redistricting process is done by an Independent Commission).

Georgia, Nevada, Utah are each expected to gain 1 each

South Carolina, Oregon, and Washington are all on bubble on gaining a seat or staying stable.

The Losers:

Ohio is expected to be biggest one with 2 seats gone

NY, MA, NJ, PA, MI, IA, MN and IL all expected to lose 1 each

Missouri is on the bubble of losing one or staying stable.

The news is good of course if we control redistricting process in many of states especially Texas and Florida.  Yet, another reason to fight for Governor mansion and state legislature races in each particular states as well. I do wonder though if the population shift in these states signifies Hispanic growth in many cases or blue state voters fleeing and taking there same failed policies with them?