NV,CO and IL US Senate Polls

2 new polls out today via Rasmussen for US Senate Races in Illinois and Colorado both currently held by Democrats appointed.


Colorado (Bennet D)

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds Norton beating incumbent Democratic Senator Michael Bennet 46% to 37%, virtually identical to her lead in September. Eight percent (8%) prefer some other candidate, and eight percent (8%) are undecided.

Ken Buck, a country district attorney, earns 42% of the vote to Bennet’s 38%.

Against Romanoff, Buck leads 41% to 39%.

Former State Senator Tom Wiens runs almost even with both Democrats. In a match-up with Bennett, he’s up a point 42% to 41%. He’s also up a point against Romanoff 41% to 40%.

Sixteen percent (16%) of Colorado voters have a very favorable opinion of Bennet, but perhaps more importantly 28% view him very unfavorably. Romanoff is seen very favorably by 16% and very unfavorably by 18%.

Among the Republicans, Norton has very favorables of 23% and very unfavorables of 16%. Six percent (6%) have a very favorable view of Buck, while nine percent (9%) regard him very unfavorably. For Wiens, very favorables total six percent (6%), very unfavorables 15%.

Illinois (Open D)

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Illinois voters finds Giannoulias ahead of Kirk 42% to 39%. Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate, and 15% are undecided.

In October, the two men were tied at 41% each. In mid-August, Kirk held a modest 41% to 38% lead over Giannoulias.

Kirk remains ahead of another Democratic hopeful, Cheryle Jackson, president of the Chicago Urban League and a former top aide to disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich, but his lead has shrunk dramatically. Ahead of Jackson by 17 points – 47% to 30% – in October, he now leads just 42% to 39%. Four percent (4%) like another candidate, and 15% are not sure.

The Republican holds a similar 42% to 38% lead over Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, another contender for the Democratic senatorial nomination. Kirk led Hoffman 43% to 33% in October. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided, while three percent (3%) favor another candidate.

Kirk remains the most prominent Illinois Republican in the race at this time.

Thirteen percent (13%) of Illinois voters have a favorable opinion of Kirk, and eight percent (8%) view him very unfavorably. For Giannoulias, his very favorables and very unfavorables are at 14% each.

Jackson is viewed very favorably by eight percent (8%) and very unfavorably by 16%. Six percent (6%) have a very favorable view of Hoffman, while 11% regard him very unfavorably, Both Jackson and Hoffman are much less well-known than Kirk or Giannoulias.

Nevada ( Reid D)

The numbers in this month’s survey suggest that the race at this point is a referendum on Reid, who earns 43% of the vote against each of three GOP candidates. Incumbents who get less than 50% of the vote at this stage of the game are viewed as vulnerable. Reid, who is seeking a fifth term, received 61% of the final vote in 2004.

Sharon Lowden, chairman of the Nevada Republican Party and a former state senator, and businessman Danny Tarkanian both pick up 49% of the vote against Reid in the latest survey. Former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle gets 47% of the vote in her match-up with the four-term senator.

In every case, the number who favor some other candidate or are undecided are virtually identical and in single digits.

In September, Lowden led Reid by 10 percentage points, 50% to 40%, while Tarkanian bested him 50% to 43%.

Men strongly favor any of the Republicans over Reid, while the incumbent has the edge among women. Voters not affiliated with either political party support any of the Republicans over Reid by 10 or more points.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of Nevada voters have a very unfavorable opinion of Reid. Just 21% offer a very favorable opinion of the senator

The Republicans remain largely unknown, further confirming the notion that the numbers reflect a referendum on the incumbent rather than a choice between competing candidates. Ten percent (10%) have a very favorable view of Lowden, while 15% regard her very unfavorably. Tarkanian is seen very favorably by 19% and very unfavorably by 15%. For Angle, very favorables total eight percent (8%) while very unfavorables are 19%.

Colorado looks like nice win for us and Illinois is going to be tight race but Kirk is the best we have had in a while in that state and to win Obama’s Senate seat would be grand.  As for Reid he is clearly going to use scorch earth policy against our 2 opponents and try to say even though he is hated they will be worse so I hope both are up to challenge