OH and CT Senate Polls ( Dodd Falling Further Behind)

2 new Quinnipiac Polls out this morning

CT Dodd (D)


Connecticut voters disapprove, 54% to 40%, of the job Dodd is doing, compared to a 49% to 43% disapproval in September.

In general election match ups, Dodd loses to both Rob Simmons (R), 49% to 38%, and to Linda McMahon (R), 43% to 41%.

Dodd continues to  struggle with independent voters as 60 percent disapprove of the way he is handling his job

OH Open Seat (R)


Portman leads Jennifer Brunner (D), 38% to 34%, and tops Lee Fisher (D), 39% to 36%.  In the battle for the Democratic Senate nomination, Fisher gets 24 percent to Brunner’s 22 percent, with 51 percent undecided. Portman leads car dealer Tom Ganley 26 – 7 percent in a GOP primary with 64 percent undecided.

Also for the first time, Ohio voters disapprove, by a 50% to 45% margin, of the job President Obama is doing

Also to note Strickland (D) and Kasich (R) are each tied at 40% for Governor’s race.