Republican Congressional Recruitment

The NRCC has had a lot success in recruiting top tier candidates for some key races but some are still lacking.  If anyone has any candidates to mention for the below list please do so; in some cases there have some candidates who have expressed interest but have not declared.

Grayon FL       Chandler KY       Altmire PA

Kosmas FL      Yarmuth KY       Murphy NY

Barrow GA      Kagen WI           McMahon NY

Marshall GA    Carney PA         Arcuri NY

Kissell NC       Dahlkemper PA  Maffei NY

Boucher VA     Space OH           Hill IN

Davis TN         Stupak MI           Peters MI

Walz MN         Peterson MN       Boswell IA

Braley IA         Pomeroy ND       Boren OK

Edwards TX    Rodriquez TX      Mitchell AZ

Matheson UT  Salazar CO         McNerney CA

Adler NJ          Open Deleware