TN: Republicans Just Took Back State House

Back in November, for the first time in 140 years, both houses of the Tennessee legislature were captured by Republicans: The Republicans control the state senate by a 19-14 margin, and hold 50 seats in the state house to the Democrats’ 49.  Yet, Democrats in the lower house offered a deal to a renegade Republican by the name of Kent Williams, who wanted the Speakership for himself — when all the Democrats cast their votes for him for Speaker, and he cast his own vote for himself, he had the 50 votes needed to take the gavel, even without a single vote from his own side of the aisle.

Today, there was a special election in an open Democrat State House seat and Pat Marsh ( R)  just won (56-42%) this seat back giving them 51 seats to 48 plus renegade Republican.

This win also bolsters Republican with controlling redistricting in TN something that has never happened.